Boston Market Wants to Give You 2000 Pounds of Mac and Cheese

August 30, 2019

A lucky – and very hungry – person is going to win a one-ton tub of mac and cheese from Boston Market.

The chicken chain is launching a new rewards program called Rotisserie Rewards and the grand prize is 2000 pounds of the gooey cheesy goodness, reported “Today.”

But if a monstrous bowl of mac and cheese isn’t your thing, you can also choose other sides like mashed potatoes, sweet corn, or if you must, creamed spinach.

How it works is that customers earn points by ordering online or through Boston Market’s new app. For every dollar spent, you get one point.  Depending on how many points you accrue, they can be redeemed for a variety things like a free dessert, three-piece meal, or $10 off your order.

If you can hold out and save up, 1200 points will get you a free holiday meal for you and 11 of your closest pals. It’s a party!

But only the first person who gets to 10,000 points (and essentially spends $10K at Boston Market) will get the decadent one ton tub of mac and cheese.

Now you don’t have to get all 2000 pounds of it at once. Just like the Powerball lottery, you can opt to have dished out in small servings over the course of years or go big with one massive lump sum of carb heaven.

“If he or she would like a single, 2,000-pound serving of our golden mac and cheese, we’ll deliver via a 1-ton freight,” the company’s CEO told the New York Post. “Or if he or she wants to savor their prize for years to come or even donate it all to charity, we’ll provide a special dinning card loaded with the appropriate funds.”

Whichever you chose, save your appetite and your coins and good luck!