Mom Shows Off Toddler's Impressive Playroom Inspired by Starbucks and Target

January 22, 2020

You may love grabbing coffee at Starbucks and shopping at Target, but not as much as 3-year-old Ariah Becht.

The toddler’s playroom has gone viral on social media and for good reason – she has her very own mini-Target and Starbucks!

Her mother, Renee Doby-Becht, shared photos of her daughter's play store and coffee shop on Facebook and was stunned by the positive reaction.

"There were so many comments and likes and all these positive comments," Doby-Becht told Good Morning America. "It was mainly moms that were commenting... They were just blown away,” she added.

The play area, complete with a Starbucks coffee bar and a Target check-out counter, was built with the help of Doby-Brecht’s friend Robert Mueller and her sister, Brigette Doby.

According to the Facebook post, Brigette, a graphic designer, custom-made all the posters, clearance tags, and even Ariah’s adorable name tag.

Since it’s a one-woman show, Ariah has been named “Employee of the Month” and her radiant photo is displayed by the register.

Doby-Becht’s elementary school teacher even contributed by making Ariah a custom Starbucks apron for when she’s working the coffee counter and serving fake cake pops, baked goods, and fraps.

So much attention to detail was given to the area that there’s even a credit card scanner and a detailed menu hung up on the wall just like at the real coffee shop.

Her mother says Ariah loves to play pretend and tells friends, "Come see my playroom. I have Target in my playroom!"

In the Facebook post, she notes that the Starbucks- and Target-themed playroom was a late Christmas gift and one that brought healing and joy during a divorce.

Target and Starbucks need to get this little lady a job, stat! Or, at the very least, an employee discount!

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