Someone Ranked the 40 Best Rappers Over 40, and the Internet Has Thoughts

Do you agree with this list?

July 29, 2020

Level Magazine dropped a crucial list of 40 rappers over the age of 40 who are still seeing great success in their careers. The list spares no greats however hip-hop fans had a lot to say about the rappers mentioned in this article.

From Missy Elliott coming in at 31 to Rick Ross coming in at number eight, Twitter fans had a lot to debate about. Many felt the list was too biased towards east coast rap and lacked any west coast representation. However, don’t get it twisted, Snoop Dogg, made the list. Some also felt that Ice Cube should have at least ranked in the top 15.

Kanye West rolled in at number 29 according to Level. This ranking caused the usual Twitter controversies that Yeezy tends to inspire.

One of the most prominent remarks shared by readers was the list’s lack of female rappers. Fans wondered why greats such as Ms. Lauryn Hill were not included on the list. However, the list does make the distinction that the artist needed to have created something or shared a new project after the age of 40.

Many were also debating about the number one spot. Level placed JAY-Z at number one, but some rap connoisseurs were left wondering why Killer Mike did not hold the title of number 1.

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