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Researchers have a hangover cure?

Your Hangover Prayers Answered

Can you imagine...1 magical pill turning your regretful night of drinking into a newly refreshed hangover-free day!? Well, researchers in Finland think they have discovered this "magic pill"...In a study published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism, researchers from the University of Helsinki... Read More
78-Year-Old Vandalizing Neighbor's Grave

78-Year-Old Man Vandalized His Neighbor's Grave for Five Years

78-year-old Joseph Stroud owns a farm in northwest Arkansas. And the man knows how to hold a grudge . . . Apparently he and his former neighbor Fred McKinney didn't get along. Sadly, Fred passed away. But it looks like their feud lived on . . . because Joseph just got arrested last week for... Read More

NEW: Unfiltered with The Hitman and Carla

Announcing the launch of Unfiltered with The Hitman and Carla , where they'll take a special look inside the issues, culture, arts and more that's everything Wichita! Listen here , on the app , or wherever you stream your favorite podcasts! Read More
Male Equivalent of a "Karen"

What's the Male Equivalent of a "Karen"?

The name "Karen" is going through a rough patch, as it's become the generic term for a woman who wants to talk to the manager . . . or worse. But what's the male equivalent of a Karen? People have tried different names . . . like Greg, Ken, and Keith . . . but nothing's really stuck. So one guy on... Read More
More Passengers Bringing Own Booze on Flights

BYOB on Flights

Hey, let’s be honest – flying during this virus outbreak is stressful, and in the wake of measures taken by airlines during the coronavirus pandemic, including no alcohol service, more carriers are finding that passengers are taking the Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) to the next level. According to a... Read More