Snoop Dogg and Layke Cover "Happier"

The unlikely cover is for a good cause

January 25, 2019

One of the biggest pop hits of 2018 just got a new spin that none of us realized we were waiting for. Snoop Dogg and LA singer Layke have covered Marshmello and Bastile’s “Happier.”

Layke’s tender vocals give the track a bit more of a heartfelt feel, while Snoop joins her on the verse. Layke told Billboard that she wanted to bring a different perspective to a song that has a somber tone. All proceeds will go to charities that support children in need.

"Snoop was amazing and immediately into the idea because he himself gives so much back to the community,” Layke said. “It’s become something really, really exciting and I think we can do some real good with it."

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Layke is starting to make a name for herself after releasing her first EP featuring "Strangers in the Dark," while Snoop is still trying to learn the names of hockey players. Check out his spectacular attempt at calling an NHL game here.