1Thing: Growing up Green!

June 21, 2018

I am so excited with this new assignment.  Writing a post each week about something I am passionate about.  But it got me to thinking, what should the 1st post be about?   My mind was ablaze with all the possibilities.  As I reflected on why I care about this project, my childhood came to mind first.  But it also comes with the opportunity to help others to pause and think about their 1Thing and how they might make a difference for our environment as well. 

I love the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, caring about our planet is no different.  Growing up my papaw was a gardener by trade and his own yard was beautifully landscaped and fun to play in.  There was always a garden and always a compost pile.  I remember the cherry tree with the wisteria growing in it and the plum trees out back behind the house.  My mamaw hung clothes and sheets out to dry on the clothes line, it was so much fun running through the sheets on the line and they smelled so fresh when you crawled in-between them at night.    But she also introduced me to the goodwill and garage sales.  I grew up by the ocean and in mountains in the beautiful state of Oregon.  So if you have ever been there, you will understand my love of the great outdoors.  To this day I still love these things and they, I believe, are where my love of caring for our environment came from.  All these things, whether we realize it or not impact our environment.

I hope you join me each week as I bring you tips and ideas on how we can make a difference by living a little greener and how just 1Thing can make a difference in your life and for our planet!