Meek Mill Sentenced: JAY-Z, T.I., and More React

Rapper facing 2-4 years behind bars

November 7, 2017
 Meek Mill during a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks at Wells Fargo Center.

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Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to up to four years behind bars for violating his probation. However, many of Mill's peers and friends contend that this sentence far exceeds the scope of the initial crime, and is indicative of a major issue within the U.S. justice system.

Mill released the highly acclaimed Wins & Losses earlier this year, but has also faced some trying personal issues. Besides a high-profile break up with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, he was in legal trouble twice. Once in October for reckless driving, as well as back in March for fighting inside an airport. Both instances were ruled violations of Mill's probation stemming from a 2008 case involving drug and weapons charge, which led to Mill serving eight months in prison for. He also served five months in prison in 2013 for traveling without permission. That violation reportedly extended the rapper's probation by a decade.

The issue itself for fans, peers, and friends is no longer the initial crime, which Mill has served his time for, but rather the apparent, systematic method in which the judicial system is looming large over Meek Mill's life. JAY-Z, who has long been an outspoken critic of the judicial system and advocate for judicial reform, weighed in in a show of both support and activism.

As did fellow hip hop star T.I., who has been a friend Mill's for many, many years.


Was wit u then & WE STILL WIT U NOW!!! This too shall pass. You got this!!! God places the heaviest loads on the strongest backs. We got real love for u out here KING. ----

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Upon news of Mill's sentence, social justice advocates Sparrow Media tweeted a thought-provoking message likening the rapper's probation violation to a failed urine test and how it compares to the sentencing of far higher-profile crimes.

The point is not which side of the debate you fall under. Nor is the point which political aisle you align yourself with. The point also has nothing to do with the treatment of celebrities. The point is that there is a conversation to be had regarding the judicial system in this country and how differently some Americans appear to be treated under the umbrella of the system.