Queen Naija on a Plane Is Basically Every Woman

Plus, tell us which of her latest tracks you prefer

November 9, 2018

Despite Queen Naija not-so quietly becoming legit hip-hop and R&B royalty, she's basically just like any other woman once she gets on a plane.

The "Medicine" singer recently shared a video of herself deciding that her bra has got to go. Which, as just about any woman can relate to, is among the most satisfying feelings on the planet (or, in this case, on a plane circling the planet).

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old continues to make a name for herself in both hip-hop and R&B circles thanks to a string of hits in "Medicine" and "Karma" off her self-titled EP. The ridiculously relatable and endlessly catchy "Medicine" is an emotional roller coaster taking fans through her failed marriage -- and we are here for it!

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Following the theme of "Medicine," "Karma," continues the ride. The track genuinely shows off the young singer's skills as a lyricist, especially with the empowering line, "Go ahead and have your fun. Just remember what goes around comes around." 

While we love 'em both, we want to know which one you're feelin'. Take our poll below and let us know what you think: