The Highest Paid YouTube Star Is A 7-Year-Old Who Reviews Toys

The first grader made 22 million last year

December 4, 2018

Ryan loves cars, trains, and play doh. Ryan is also worth 22 million dollars.

The 7-year-old, who has been the star of Ryan ToysReview since 2015, has 17 million subscribers and over 26 billion views on YouTube. Along with his parents, Ryan unboxes the latest toys, goes on educational adventures, and shares animated stories that delight his audience. He is also racking up the ad sales along the way.

Thanks to those quick commercials you have to watch before you view Ryan's videos, as well as sponsorships, and his line of toys and clothing available at Target and Walmart, the first grader out-earned everyone else on the video platform this year according to Forbes.

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Before his 8th birthday, Ryan has created a mini-empire. The young star posts a video every day, and has several other channels including a gaming channel starring Gus The Gummy Gator and an animation channel featuring doodles of his two sisters. Plus Ryan has a line of toys, a deal with a media company specializing in marketing and merchandising, and enough money to buy toys for a lifetime.

This is a big jump for Ryan, who came in 8th place on last year's list. When asked by NBC News why so many people enjoyed watching his video, his response was perfect. "Because I'm entertaining and I'm funny" he smiled.

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