Jennifer Lopez Set To Receive MTV’s Video Vanguard Award: What Are Her Five Best Videos?

Watch the clips that earned J.Lo the prestigious VMA

August 1, 2018
Jennifer Lopez

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Later this month, Jenny From The Block will have some new bragging rights around the neighborhood.

Jennifer Lopez will receive the Video Vanguard Award at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on August 20th to honor her years of video vixen excellence.

The former Fly Girl has a lot of highlights over the past two decades, but here are five of our favorites for you to remember.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

The last thing she needs is another bracelet! What she needs is a postcard inspired dance break.


Lopez’s most recent entry into her music video legacy is a black and white banger with Cardi B and DJ Khaled. In “Dinero” she’s come around on the bracelets, and has become a grilling enthusiast. The clip is also up for two VMAs this year.

Jenny From The Block

There is way more Ben Affleck in the “Jenny From The Block” video than I think any of us remember. What a simpler time. Still this is iconic J.Lo, even if you forgot about the Blair Witch opening and the Benniferness.

I’m Real (Remix) featuring Ja Rule

This is the perfect summer relationship. Things are heating up, appetites for love become hunger pains, and everything is awesome. It’s just a nice, simple summer day with a game of basketball and a party at the pool. Forget that Ja Rule is way more aggressive about the afternoon and enjoy.

Waiting For Tonight

Getting ready for a night out with the girls, a night out at the jungle laser party. Lopez is shimmering and the countdown to 2000 is on as she dances her way into a new millennium. Once the clock hits zero, there’s a bonus waterfall party for J.Lo, because it was a resolution to play under more cascading water or something or other. Anyway, this is peak J.Lo.

Check out the Jennifer Lopez’s performance and acceptance at the VMAs on August 20th. While you are waiting for (the) night, you can check out our talk with J.Lo here.