Artist Who Raps About Credit Card Fraud Charged With Credit Card Fraud

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March 11, 2019
Concept image of credit card fraud scam

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Detroit rapper Selfmade Kash is living a total lie and we’re shocked to find out that – get this: his cash likely isn’t self-made at all.

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We’re all familiar with rappers spitting verses about things they don’t actually do. It’s just part of the flex, and you have to respect it. This time around, it turns out lyrics bragging about committing credit card fraud may have been based on a true story.

According to The Detroit News, Selfmade Kash (whose real name is Jonathan Woods) has been charged with “wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and possession of unauthorized access devices.”

“Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not,” prosecutors wrote in a very shady indictment.

Along with rapping about credit card fraud, Woods also often bragged about it on social media. Prosecutors allege the boast helped him sell information to others trying to commit fraud or scam on the dark web.