YouTuber Fools the Internet with Staged Photo of Travis Scott Cheating

He’s calling attention to fake news with a viral photo

December 6, 2018

The guys who tricked the internet with a fake photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways are inspiring more people to do the same, this time with a photo that does a little more harm than just leaving everyone wondering if Justin has ever even eaten a burrito before. 

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While YouTuber Christian Adam didn’t intend to hurt anyone with his internet prank, a photo he staged that looks like Travis Scott loving on a girl that’s definitely not Kylie Jenner recently brewed up an internet storm. People quickly jumped to conclusions, bashing Trav for his supposed infidelity with no attempt to check facts first. 

“Does the internet even care about the truth sometimes?” Christian poses at the beginning of the video. His theory is likely proven by a comparison of how many posts were made bashing Scott and how few posts were made correcting the news.  

Travis’ reputation may have been damaged in the process, but the video attempts to help illustrate how cannibalistic the internet can be and how news spreads regardless of its accuracy.