Around Town

Rob and his wife decided to hire a babysitter and, after 20 interviews, hired the most experienced, but she happens to be SMOKING hot. Now, the wife wants to fire her! Ladies, would you hire a live-in babysitter who's extremely attractive... and would always be around your husband? 

The baby has a name!

Miranda is having a baby at Wesley Medical Center! Miranda's first baby is due in June and her hospital of choice is Wesley Medical Center! Don't forget! If you want to binge on Miranda's past videos, you can watch them HERE . Here's the latest video update from Miranda: Video of Baby Update with...
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Ride with Cooper

Power 93.5 celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Tour de Cure by renaming the station Cooper 93.5! Cooper was diagnosed at 8 months old as the youngest known case of type 1 diabetes in Kansas - an extremely rare diagnosis for infants. From day one of Cooper's diagnosis, his parents Ric and Taryn...
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