Wichita Children's Home: Sex Trafficking Victims

Monday, April 17th

The Wichita Children's Home offers the only emergency, temporary residential shelter for children in our community.

With your support, we are able to keep The Home open 24/7 and keep thousands of children safe every year. You may give any amount you wish by using our secure credit card donation system below. As always, your gift is 100% tax deductible.


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Acer joining us for empire which time your hosts weren't black kids and I got Debbie Kennedy in the studio with me again we're gonna talk about the Wichita children's found how Ariel I am great thank you so much for inviting me back up screaming your regular I would love that we need to just make this definite thing and wolf officially say now you're going to be irregular and that he likes the highest rated as some need your fans that listened to dish out they have commented so I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 128 years old kid that means that we've had some strong leadership her 128 years to continue to be relevant in our community opposite side that is is really sad that we've had to be around for haren 28 years but revered how abused abandoned neglected exploited children that are in our community so we provide them the resources they need to get out of a situation that's not safe and really helped them to post comments. So it's one of those situations are of course you never want to think that someone you love is going to be needing your services but on the other side of that coin if that circumstance or happening you're there in your read a great anytime you hear a child's been placed in police protective testy there coming to the Charlton town timing and that has to be such a situation means for a lot of these kids there enabled to pack your bags through their suntan are prepared grab your favorite toy or stuffed animal take me through what happens I mean yeah I'm obviously guys are there with open arms so what happens after that. Though that the please we'll bring the man so whether they picked him up at their home or at the school at the daycare when they get that call at and they decided that child is not in a safe environment they need to do an investigation then that they'll bring into the children's home where they immediately find I healing environment where really trying to be very intentional about how we welcome those children and to decrease the trauma. That experience and use in sodium we eat gift and at. Into the proper setting whether it's staying at the shelter to shelter at the children Tom Green placed in an emergency Foster care syrup atop replace him and with an emergency Foster care services we have 39 PMIs that are going to help us do that my older. That they stayed there on our campus on 37 street this. Purchases for those children that I am have aged out Foster care okay and it's an apartment complex for just used a hundred times so if they would recognize them as being Hamas in a place check out or if they're leaving the Foster care system and and they would be released a homeless masked well and we. We have a 31 apartment complex on our campus that we need ghost children and and then we start to teach and the lessons of life making sure that taking. Get a job. And take care and house adds a lot of those children have children and so we haven't licensed day care center our on site we have a school a US DT 59 school on site so that we now you can catch her Aaron recapture those credits to get them to graduate now averages one program those of those children to 1618. That behaved they are in state custody and they don't have any other place to place them and so we start him on that path to becoming a man and a woman and being self sufficient. So that's Mormon intense program that we have we're smarter residential high risk tennis adding not apartments but and we moved Danny in to our apartment complex as they progressed. But imagine being sixteen or 179 I have no I thought yeah ago but we have very caring staff and a very caring community that we can wrap an eleven services around them to help them understand so essentially they can be self sufficient and not carry those stitch promise with and I don't want these children caring traumatic into their adult. And I love that you guys aren't just seeing one part of their lives you're seeing here let's help you become an adult and and become you know the person you want to be your not a single parent you're eighteen out the door good life. Now we've got to be part of that solution and we work with some eight different agencies who you know with our department of children and families with Saint Francis community service says Kot valley mainly worked with so many services to get those children you asked how the kids get your britches yeah our richest your program we have. The army homeless services for use in our community. So we have what we call opportunities down her eyes it's open seventeen hours a week that are homeless she told dropped an NTS and we give them warm meals and clothing and a shower they don't wash their clothes and get their mapping get case management they get laughs they're recognized as having worked at the same time I have staff that are going out combing the whole entire community to look for Hamas used so that they can put an eye on that child and give them close and give them feedback give them recognition and hope and China and our program we eat are involved in a safe place so when you got a quick trip and you see that same place I worry that that's sick children top. Really any in in partnership with quick trap that most children and we go in Dallas schools and we tell the freshman and all about this program so if you are in danger you go to quick trip and each how many need to call safe place soon and they'll call us and I have someone on call and blue or respond to that child within thirty minutes it's a wonderful partnership that we have with quick trap but anytime you see that I'm recognized that gets there because we have children. That we need to have a place that they can run to. And goes quick trip staff members are tied. How to manage that child until we get there and baby and we will find a safe place and many many times it's brought back to the children's home or we give and take care this is okay plays week is gonna be. March 19 were celebrating and hammers celebrating the fact that we do have. I homeless she's component in our community and that is that the children's home but he can see just being out there. We recognized children in need and continue through our services. I wasn't aware that there was such and a population. Of kids of teens that are out there with you know no roof for their head in and no food in their stomach and the fact that you guys are trying to find them trying I'll reach out to them. It is sad that you have to think about teenagers. That are running away from home and nobody is also minister runaway so buying you've left the house you make it on your own yeah for whatever reason pretty FEM he's not calling him and they're saying divide that child and so. You see a broken child hurt the we need to come and take it down and trust our community. Well and I and I definitely did as did angry Tina madam my parents and can leave but that now and I'm an adult with my own child I've realizes that is there was a different kind of world that I thought I was in I didn't think people hurt children and I think people who I didn't think I was in danger and that is something that I think a lot of teams feel like they know how the world works and they're not going to be hurt by it because they're smarter right and I I was there I'm not I'm not knocking anybody I remember thinking match. But it didn't terrifying me until I became apparent and realized that mindset. Can lead you into a lot of trouble extremely tedious and dangerous situation right in their research says that a child within 48 hours of running away will be sought out. Bound and compromised. In unless they have a lot of resiliency earth common sense to get into human trafficking they become victims of human trafficking I know you and I talked about that off. There there's been a lot of things that I've seen in the news even an hour an hour local news in our paper that had to do with human trafficking or labor trafficking it seems like such a scary topic but it's something that is going on here and it does affect our city agencies around us where do you guys come in with that being that you are the children's home here and they do have well I guess what would be called the safe place for people or children and have been taken from dangerous situations where do you Chris commend my. How we respond should that. That change in statute the law a couple of years ago we respond to that by opening half a unit at the children's Tom that specializes. Only their foreign labor and human you know each sexual trafficking. Use and we open it up and we're the only ones in the entire state of Kansas and has he meant that specific foreign labor and human trafficking sexual trafficking victims and our youth and so no matter where they're picked up initiated Kansas and that police officer brings them into the which attack children Tom and so they're placed in Napa police protective custody but it's a designated unit from her to deal with terrorist issues those kids were coming and then their bodies are broken down and think about you know I mean drugs so I can be sold her sacks are can be sold for labor. Yeah and so they need medical attention and they need to know that there cared for and says typically the first day they're sleeping off all of those things to second date they kinda recognize that I'm here and many many times they think that person that's selling damaged their boyfriend and that's what we try to planes hit Afghan he's the only one last me skinny my nails Danny's haven't Howie my hair fixed he's given me little dollars these are also selling Matt yeah and it's we you really trying to teach them how to have safe boundaries you me and proper relationships. But when you're hungry and you're on the street you will do desperate things to survive and so size handset survival sex and and they know that I am and we all need to be intense on how we protect and care for those victims of trafficking and we are a city that is happening and we have the I 35 I seventy corridor we have used that are trusting. You have adults holly you're not in we've been I go out and I tell people be careful how you how you dress your children don't put their names and their teacher and then send them out to the bus stop or their names on their own. Back because a stranger may say hey eighteen Joseph eighty and they didn't. That that person nasty code may not meet famous behind you must be fine but they just read it on the teacher or their book bag and very cautious of how that those are things that they're wonderful things to happen only let those children Wear those items when you're with them you don't put him in any situation where you knock I have an eye on them and having them Wear those clothes that book avatar name and. I think that it is such a situation where you think I'd cramping Kansas which does not that big there -- those people out there but the sad reflection is that there are a thank you guys are out there trying to come back office and there's so many ways that you can help the which returns home make a difference because again like we said they children that have been in any way shape -- form happening danger and are taken from their homes due to their safety they come immediately to the which showed children's -- area for emergency shelter if for any reason a child hasn't put through human traffic being labor trafficking they come straight to wish our children's home I mean anywhere in the states they're they're going straight here so there's a lot of things that you guys are in need I'm sure what carelessness due to help how can only help you guys make a difference because you -- go above and beyond every day to make these -- special and loved an important how can we help. I appreciate that question very Max certainly you now any monetary gift was wonderful we can always she's happy cannot does need to continue terror attack increased as we take care of the children we also could use clothing. None of each team he's snacks we talked about are homeless he used to her you know she's just quick snack type foods protein bars and water and things like that because we do go out underneath those bridges in and take these kinds of foods and things to those who now homeless used so I always like to answer desk whatever you buy your child. You can EU we can use and they're taking care children just like yesterday for example I was making ransom money invented misstep we can you can't just have Adam Cohen is Xbox three ER well I should drinking Guinness at PlayStation 3 and the and I laughed going you know they have all this other kind of stuff but what and I don't average sat as a PlayStation 3 and the child wanted to app because they feel that it's home to an email and they wanna play do the things that they wanted him. Anyone is upset at their husband because different stayed up the track. This Berkeley now to go awry and you about an Xbox land around my PlayStation and PlayStation and you can drop profit doing stunt children's home know that it's going to be appreciated. Can't be your spouse would not black I'm sure so much and just knowing that out that I IDF for every. So we can get angry calls from their spouses as. Hacked my its critics say it is for the children. Even this is something that we talked about on the brink I mean I was cleaning outs are closet so I am I mean I've got diapers that don't semi sign mark clothes that don't fit him anymore you know win their and that agent you know zero to twelve months you've got your clothes quicker than anything nurse seemed to be honest just so they can just put in a back and drop also think about every closet in your house think about going through and ladies if you're like me all the different lessons are you by ending sinking their revenues outline all the different things that you -- thinking Eminem I need this you don't use it it's there is so not wrapped up so he's still got shampoos and every criminal thing and all the stuff I mean that's my bathrooms filled with that stuff yes. It's topping the you can donate. Maybe you bought some things if you have the picky husband like ideal I will buy protein bars I'll buy fruit drinks 200 candy is meaning and it just doesn't even know me yes. What's great is it doesn't go to waste so you're not top seed in the trashed here on Sunday is sit there and collect dust you know it's getting used and it's getting appreciated. That's what's really awesome there's even a list you can look up on the website I'd just gonna WCH. Dot board in you can click on the wish list this is got everything like food clothing Nina different age groups aren't even all the stuff Fini to clean I mean all the different things that you need that you sit there and clean your house of these since tier one schools of clients all the good stuff that we all have in our house's. And nobody you know where where cotton. Set up our police force right now with their thing that's happened and we have eight at lounge area for them when they bring the child and sometimes agency to place it does seem quiet and think you know look at what happened to them and so if anybody wants to donate some why Harrison cookies or party interests of that law enforcement if that's how you wanna give back to support that we can use those things as well oh. Shattuck we do have a great please source and a great police chief and I. Everybody's just been really great and. Really do even we actually had that she's fun the air with us now. Lying canisters shout out to him in just all heart or whatever at their very tax because you have to remember that they see that child and there's limited circumstances may have to make that curbside decision when am I gonna do and so they see it there and then they bring it here and so we have this lounge for making just go and there's no windows shut the door and just kind of how can get it back together I mean it's nice to let him have a soda and backpack and chips are at yeah cookies and sit in in their recliner and watch little basketball and turn March Madness and just to regroup with for they'd have to go back out some. And there's so much say that you guys do to help all the different programs if you guys wanna find out more about this from programs that they have all our -- on a volunteer I mean if you wanna find out more about perhaps becoming a Foster parent if you wanna find out more about becoming a member if you would like to you don't. Maybe go to visit and say hey I just wanna come and help maybe I can drop off some clothes mean the actual drop off some some food or mean reaction to our Boston toiletries and subtle stuff you can do little if you don't have the time you can drop off some monetary donation -- it checked it's really great just to be able to help cities go to WCH. Dot org that's all the information they need right there on the website they're also on FaceBook you can like sun comes. How long on this plane can now that we're just kind of talking about things that you can deal what do you four. Give to it I mean there's tons they can you make a difference and now that we're getting kind of into that end of the show unfortunately is thirty. Ernie just wanna leave our listeners with the hope that maybe they just know about the Wichita children's home or perhaps your goal for 2016 urged when he 74. To which our children's home with our listeners I my goal is that everybody in our community knows about the children's and so I love the opportunity coming speak with you they know you're listening base is strong but more impressed just like to say thank you because arts community supported children's heart for so long and they continue to do assists last and I know their blast but where classified there there awareness and their gifts they get to ask how that big shout out to to the community for supporting the children's home when you know we love them that we love him as we could not do the work with half that. It is six immunity effort I'm just blessed to be able to work there. It's only so much fun to have you line and I just hope everybody listens to this I give a listen if you want to email these he can't you can actually download this entire interview in keeping my computer. Percentage out survey can shared on FaceBook just go to our website are 935 dot com and click on in power you wanna find out more about the children Tum hi can help with the Wichita children's some added WCH. Dot org you can also find them on FaceBook just make it different because these kids are awesome and they deserve all the love we got think he's so much for joining neo here esteem empire which is top on power in any 3.5.