Kansas DUI Impact Center

Monday, April 17th

You’ll find services for DUI victims and families including DUI Support Groups. We also offer community services such as the Sober Drivers Program which provides designated driver.


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Think you for joining us for empower which time power in any 3.5 I'm your host render what cans and we have got in the studio with us Kansas steal light impact center because we've got a busy busy couple months ahead of us. And so you have to welcome with the IndyCar redo my mind how are you doing dead I know it's been kind of rainy but you got your rain boots on your ready to go and I'm. Really like he knows I think they're super can't thank you ready pick. So you're telling me that this Wednesday you guys at the Kansas TI impacts sinner how a lot of telling unsettled Q the scoop coming out that. Absolutely so we want to grant from the national association of victims of crime act to put on a community fair so we're going to invite the entire community to come out. Let us on Wednesday from two to seven. At our office at thirty Waco and we will have local nonprofits with days still we have cost so there we have peace flag there. We have the women's crisis sent Aaron Ross act we have the PD the sheriff. And we'll have all this information available to the community along with a bunch of free stuff so hungry T shirts. And bounce house for the kids the food trucks will be there it's just going to be a party are way too up in the community. See you interact with local nonprofits who provides services and just let them know we're here for them and what we can deal if there ever in need. What that idea now when you guys are planning miss. Do you have any idea that it would come and be this big I mean with huge tracts and and all the different moves and you did you did you know we hoped we hope that people would see our visionary really just jump on board and support that's so awesome. Now if you that's my check this out not just this upcoming event that's gonna happen on Wednesday but pity he wanted to find out more about the location and you can go to K yes. Deal I dot org or you can actually found them on faced it. Just like for the Kansas deal I impacts. Now this is not the only thing that you guys do you guys are constantly in the community. Always looking to educate and help those that have been affected by a drunk driving and you know. I will say even when I've done you know like charity cup cross Ellis senior guys there who just remind people like hey we want you have a good time. We want you to enjoy you know absolutely right we also need to be responsible. Yes so we're not anti alcohol or not. Negative anyway we won't be able to celebrate and have a good time but to be irresponsible to think about public safety and they're around lives and the lives of definitely just be safe when you're celebrating. Now with this organization there's a lot that you guys do for the community and a lot that goes into. The every day functioning of your services. Can you kind of just give us an overview some of your favorite programs he is offered of course so. I think what warms my heart the most is only get to interact with families have experienced a serious injury or death resulting from impaired driving. So we're there with families in the hospital from the time of the accident through the court process to help them just kind of understand what's going on and then after the fact was support group. And it happened in counseling services. So we also speak in schools across the state if there are any teachers or parents airless think. We are happy to come to your classroom and do an intimate classroom program ports deal full scale. School wide assembly program at no cost to the schools cost them and then also we participate in community events like affair did not like rivers has parade and things like power always out in the community just hoping people will take a moment TU. I'm joined the cause and increase public safety. With. Everything the united you'd help victims victims' families and also to educate. Is there anything that's coming up this summer that you want to like what about says students that you know they have December freak they do some volunteer you absolutely we love love love our volunteers come they make our agency work. So we have everything all sorts of volunteer opportunities. Really fun lions. I'm if clerical and administrative Leah sounds we have volunteers who come and build our float forever fast so we have cool things to do our office all the time. We if you or I mean I really wanna say that we fuel our message which is so Smart it's just. It's simple think about others before you getting your card into and others before you have a drink can decide I'm getting enough to drive. You know I honestly you're not so you should think about this situation Iran and the impact that you can have on others. Do you have a special message for you know juniors and seniors are getting ready for prom. That maybe don't think about the ABC. What can happen if they have a couple drinks you and they ask those still in the get your current dry. Absolutely so my my thought is there's time for everything went your time to have alcohol you have that after 21 right now. Year and middle and high school enjoy that time that freedom that innocence of childhood. God have the best prom don't ruin your nice talks are your beautiful dress. You know making you know terrible accident that's not an exact impact your parents and your family just enjoy your time. Because he's gonna be off doing something else and their future and you only have that problem once or that. You know junior prom and you remember it three and and it should be on some in this. And in involving alcohol in the police and parents getting upset with you and having or or worse having this in every in the hospital. Having a serious injury will we Alvis are unemployed that. Now along with the upcoming event it's on Wednesday. That you can join you just a lot of other things like what is this a hearing like yelled god you guys have young pitino yeah so we have we have some really. Off some support group activities we do everything. And one of the ones that are open to the community is aria though we also have a self defense. As part of crime victims' rights week so we have. Actually bends every day during crime victims were rates weak on that the community can participate. That is awesome refusal to find out about this or perhaps you wanna get your kiddo involved in volunteering. Maybe wanna find out more if you yourself would like to join like this over drivers program. Or if you like to volunteer you can find out more racing de KS deal I dot org. And there's a really cool button that's how can I help. Image shows you all different ways because it's not just volunteering your time or volunteering money you can't do the shop for charity in you can check out. Making a pledge says stuff people can absolutely can trap pledged to drive so Burton. You can shop for charity through Amazon's smile or through Dillon says here if you're not already linked to another organization. And just come out and support us one really important what you Canas by sharing positive messaging about sober driving under social media. So you go likened follow us you can share those positive messages with their friends and just. And just make a positive impact on your sphere of influence now I'm going to your website which has left as you guys that would keep it updated. What exactly is the inner along okay and is that something you can do their part to make sure that you never tried trunk. Yes so if you are interest dead end or searching for an inter locked four your car there's information our website we can help you. Get error referral to a company they'll give you a great discount because of your association to us. And and you can make our streets safer. Well some you like. Even when you're questioning and you're thinking all Danica dreams but it dinners so we should be fine. You can actually use says and you know exactly whether or not you need to get an Guber are accountable or if you can safely operate your car absolutely. I love this this is actually really Smart this could save you know a lot of bad decision making and give you some peace of mind here. So on your guys website. I'm reading about everything that is coming up in Europe cents. And with this event that's coming on Wednesday to anyone have to bring any same. Or. None at all it's absolutely free to the public hot so we'll have tons of freebie giveaways for you. We will have a fire truck a sheriff's patrol car and a police car that kids can get in to see the equipment to interact with their local first responders and community leaders on a fine mayor along well be speaking at five along Lance. Shares Easter and deputy Livingston so we'll have community leaders there's interact with the you'd help you understand how are working all together as a community to keep you safe. This is going to be so fun so again this is April 5. And what time does it start. Starts TU but our main presentation is that five it'll be coming go all day so you can hang out here at a presentation and bounce for awhile bring the kids. How are you would have some food of course the two trucks will be there and Hamas is one that's joining us and highest. And so it is should be just a great day. Some looking here at encountering you have a lot and so on a six yes think of victim witness coronation day yes so we're asking everyone who's ever been a victim of crime. To thank the coordinator networked with you in the courts and so we can the so that there are office where. We're asking people to come and and we have all the supplies you can write a nice note and were packaging them my jurisdiction to send them to all the victim witness coordinators and just like. I don't know I'm thankless job yeah let them know that we appreciate the work we do or they do. And then because there's never any rest for you guys you have on April sun and the impact sent her some day. Which is kind of cool because you guys also do so my aunts. And there's a day that we should say thinking you. It's well our our advocates won't take credit but. So we wanna get together and help everyone kind of decompress. This is so cool you guys have such a busy week coming up. So the community services fair that's April fans. And we've got the think a victim witness coordinator day in the impact center support day this is all happening it's going to be self signed. And then you can always to blame everybody for yelled at. We need to attend that since it's open and it's a great way to kind of can now relax a little bit sending yourself. Think everything going if you wanna find out more. About don't meaning. Volunteering or just about the community services fair that's happening April said you can check out IK AS DY dot org. You can friend them on FaceBook that Kansas DY impact sent her. And of course you know me I was like tech to ask you the questions. Still fun involving her city what are you hoping for 2017. For students around Kansas this year. Well he's hoping for. Just a safe here we are yeah don't wanna hear about anyone. Being seriously injured or killed as a result of an unavoidable decision that's the thing about impaired driving it's a simply unavoidable decision just play ahead. In always tried so far. Just Wichita ever have. Figures in bad years I know that just like crime rates they fluctuate are we on the good skill or bad scale I mean I wanna say that no matter what we should always do better. But how are we dealing with our with our impaired driving so so we'll look at the state of Kansas Wichita is pretty. Close at the top credit not OK for the number of arrests. For impaired driving behind Rosie today as we need to do better there is absolutely no excuse for that. We should always always just speed would be better about it because you never know it's just a game of chance he'll be that injury will be that crash and who will be that fatality. So every time someone gets behind the wheel under the influence. You know they were on the west risk of being arrested but they also run the risk of killing themselves or someone else. And so I think of a bad year where people are injured and people are hurt you know arrests are always batters globally really think about the lives that are affected and so. And wanna make sure that no one takes the chance of hurting someone hurting themselves. Can you set up perfectly it's avoidable everything about this is avoidable and something that you can't. Prevent and especially nowadays I'm Hoover is a simple app that you can down happens you can call them wired dinner just to make sure that you know they're ready to go at the end you can arrange that kindness you're planning on going out. In your planning on where you're gonna go you might as well and you're getting at home after that. There are so over options. And that this is always a really good way to start not just your summer but a lifestyle saying I'm going to make Smart choices. Because you don't wanna see what happens when in your bad decision affects the lives of others. Right we'd rather see you as a volunteer then yeah you in the hospital. Exactly just really quickly Marion and I want to thank our sponsors for the fair yet coming out about his health central security group. Core and empower martial arts and one thing I wanted to mention that there's not just for DY victims its were victims of every type of crime and so and it's also for people who had never been victimized you know you can come out and find ways to volunteer with not only are agency but other agencies. And you can know our resources are indeed sense of a victimization has on stuff happens there's this feeling of I don't know what to do in Los street now you don't even know what's available to hole. And there are so many great resources so you should really check this out I mean. I'm gonna say you had me if you try to and it's up. And shoot high is because I know a lot of hard work you do this is fun kids can get out acute some fresh air. The bounce house is never about idea yeah I don't really I'm. And really wish they would let me bouncing simply wait for the event to be over and and my staff and I will get in there very self today that I'm really I'm really trying to make adult bounce house is how can. I just think we've released it to. Can you guys to find out more and I know you're driving. You can actually get this interview and many more at our website at power 935 dot com. Just click on in case you missed it and empower. We've got all of our interviews including this one in case you wanted to jot some information down or get in touch you can't you can also go to KS deal why dot org and of course the Kansas to U I impacts center is on Facebook's social media there there isn't. Us still up unfazed spoke of the united dancing 2000 personal favorite video is still up and you Wear or white the next great songs sleaze me community I yeah I'm think another thing I need to happen I mean you guys had some serious skills. So we need to see that in action. And you guys. Want to be served Marty Donna calendar we'd love to see you there it is this upcoming. Wednesday. C got it the first week of April you can join everybody in the community were all going to be at the community services. There starts at 2 PM it'll go until seven and it's at the Cannes STY impacts and her what's the address. Our address is 355 north Waco we are right across the downtown post offices there to make a perfect. So be certain make your plans in you can join everybody it's going to be a lot of sun. They've got all kinds of goodies there and of course you can also interact with people in our community that are really just doing their best to make it safe play is absolutely. So thank you for. Coming anyway you know me it's always nice and yeah it's always fine. So you're listing to end power which tile we not got more coming up so just keep it here how are 93 point thigh.