Monday, April 17th

Passageways was formed in the hearts of Jennifer and Susan, our Founders, in 2014 with a vision to impact the population of homeless Veterans living on the streets in the greater Wichita area. Passageways is a private, faith-based non-profit organization providing solution-based ministry services to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population with the mission to, assist every Veteran that walks through our doors to achieve their individual goals and provide essential tools and resources for housing stability, independence and self-sustainability.


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Think you for joining us for empower widget tough parent any 3.5. And I'm glad Jennifer in the steel would be from passage way is not up I think you for having us. So I've heard you've got a lot of energy this is perfect I DUI and certain informing energy levels. Concept. Fully doesn't Pennington sadly you're walking and and I wanted to make sure that people really understood like passage ways isn't Wichita and we got the hill past their Guinea history lesson when he has come from trying to get into this tell me everything aren't. Well that's. Years ago cat and my name and only we had heard about a veteran who died under a bridge here in Wichita and as in the wintertime. And it just instructing her about that it quite literally set us on fire we could not understand how this happened yeah. So we start doing some investigating. And we decided. We need to do something within us so we walked away from our jobs. And I was a huge step was a huge leap at faith and that it just it didn't seem right to do anything else now. We walkway from the jobs we started looking for houses and we found a four bedroom that we still currently rent. Out in west which tots and establish neighbor had huge oak trees in the backyard. Is at its four bedroom ranch style. And what we do is we work went. Hot which is the homeless outreach team on the police department their eyes and ears of Wichita homeless there emas phenomenal group of people. Salvation Army Catholic Charities through VA anything even happens. You know their eyes on the homeless veterans who. So they give us a call and we get over our rules with them which are very simple there is 9 o'clock curfew there is no drugs no alcohol. No visitors on property except our volunteers because they yeah this is they're safe place to come we don't we don't need ex girlfriends. And that this is their place to heal so. We have been can hand and we start the process. As. Waking them. Weekends. All of their rights he replaced his most of that has been stolen mother where mother couch hopping. Or living in sheds and warehouses. I've had several guys command that we're just flat out stolen again point high barrels for the had to caller ID. And these are people that can spend these are narrow their lives serving her daddy's our soldiers and and it's just infuriates us. So my mother's a master at locating cursor chipping gets out of gas as she is says has that down. And we go ahead and replace all the idea because without idea can't get a job. McConaughey can't. You weren't you know. The guys some account manner are ready to get gallon they they want and jobs. We do not charge them a dime for staying with us I'm 01 C 39 government funded at all. And so they save all their money. And then the fun begins. Lots of fun I got a guy panic after that I'm sorry dad that's for they get the find an apartment so we have a whole list of landlords and apartment complexes at work with heroes. And we can take them to like for instance Salvation Army has a program that pays for their application be their deposit and up to sentiment Trent. Why so not only did they save their money with us they have a great team when they leave the house. And the VA has an amazing program as a while. And it's based on how much these gentlemen bring in with their jobs talks with narrow that they help you know cover part of their rent. So. Hit it leaving its mark and and that's OK so once they get their troops there apartment with all the donations we get from the community. Dishes. And everything you would need in your house yeah I'm address errors copies tables of immense. They get to go over and choose whatever they want. Well as those I don't. Free shot range rat off exactly says so they get to pick what they want the colors they ally can you know what makes this place make my home feel like a hall yeah. And then Seaman and a track here in town have been working at the spur since the beginning they move our guys for free. No kidding gaffe they had to miniature deer that like on the career games are there such angels they are phenomenal yeah I'm out and they will. You have the pick everything up and talk and third floor apartments. A lot of the time we that is work out an hour gap and yeah absolutely and so get a moment Dan and wiest and you know three weeks with the food with famine and toiletries and and everything. To get them started and we're there the day of the man I'm not gonna miss that they're they're they've become family and they've been stainless best you know for average about sixty days. 6063 days. And and we get to see them in their beaming in their happy in their eyes are on fire with life and this is not supposed to be. Yeah so this is literally I mean you're in your family you guys. Signed news story we're completely inspired. And I just started this from. For nothing I'm not banks have done yet this we're known as a hybrid because we we don't fit any the typical standards for different like. We're not a homeless shelter you out in you don't have your kicked out and you know we are saying OK go go summer during the day in and come back you know over here or not it's we're working with and handed him for giving them a hand up and they are still doing all of the work. And they have that sense of pride when they leave they did it agent this is apple. If you guys are just joining us we are talking to Jennifer passage ways and this is if you wanna find out more actually there's a couple ways you can go on their face the paint. So you can get on face but to spread in passage ways LTD. You can also find their web site its passage ways LTD dot award. So how do we help what can lead my guys. Okay able we have we have a couple of big things that we've we've been doing we want to purchase the house right now we're paying annual find out where crystal clear with Oliver finances yeah people can call me all the time what was your electric bill and and my mom and we we tell you everything. So right now we're renting it for 1500. A month. And we need 60000 dollars as a down payment to purchase a house. Where 47000. Are well clearly we're right there we are right there I mean these guys can have a permanent you know. How this foods and that extra money we would say can go towards helping them with different things that they don't know I had a guy commandment. That's 200 dollar. Traffic bill that was keeping him out of his dream job he went to get his CD now and drive across the country. This is an and I went down to the courthouse with them we pave the sooner facts he went to school he got a CL. And and easy to anyone to do yeah so that's that once they have the neat thing exactly and the other thing that we're in desperate need Izzo is a warehouse and warehouse space because we're getting we haven't turn away donations as we don't have a place to put it out got you so jab we've had so many people trying to locate one for us any storage her sharing storage and in a warehouse is so many year. Would be phenomenal. Also that pride comes along my you know I'm starting to charity I mean if it Allstate is if he's on the ground Florida and we've grown so quickly with the donations which is great because we have nine guys that are going to be graduating and a they on the beds dressers and tables and things like that we make sure they're set up properly ultimately it. Otherwise they can help as it's contact us call us private message as command volunteer. Well what's so what he's doing volunteer we have groups that would get together and make a meal and say can we come out every other Tuesday and praying you know I Italian and then as a real suffering Mexican. And it's a great gate a great way for these guys to interact with and the volunteers and a they see families coming in ninety really wanna do this for us from right. Our why wouldn't they yeah I it's amazing honest policing can do for what they've done prior case right don't stem I have people six we come plant flowers I had 46. Graders. From pathways church come out and completely rage and Tran ha IV and vines and ages now landscape the front back of the slates is a big place. Now you're not necessarily mean gay murder they were on it yes. And you can't you might just come out and and have game night with the guys are. Yet delivered turkeys and help be one of our event coordinators were we we call around and say you know to one of the theaters which he sponsored nine veterans coming to a movie. Things like that to get them out of the house and and bullying him. You know rack about go to the Y. Different things like that. That's awesome there's kinda different ways so many ways it guys no women yeah ideas you can count especially other veterans because only those veterans can relate to what our veterans have gone through Imus civilian I have military might family but I cannot pretend to relate to what these guys have seen them -- on true now but when my when my heroes graduate it be nice to know that I have and that trend that says Yang came my name's Bob and elementary UN and you call me in mobile talk a couple times a week and make sure you do an OK awesome so if you. Our veteran and you're listening or perhaps if if you have veterans in your family that's one way that they can help that there some thing. The kind of that's something that's I've heard people say before like now that I am out of the service you know I liked it. I'd like to do something with other veterans find ways to help them exactly exactly and it doesn't mean a lot to these guys good to see that you know this person really wants. To connect and they are calling me chicken up on me and and I even as the guys do you stay in contact with his after they graduate a lot of them do whatever guys moved to ask spend so I just texted me yesterday and they get when asked an error has done well. Yeah. Yeah that means a lot from now if someone's listening and that perhaps they think I know someone that actually needs help and someone that. Has had a rough patch. They are. Basically you know in need of serious help. How to go about contacting parents for help for what is the deal they can. They can either. Private messages on FaceBook just if you like passage ways LTD on base but when you private message I assure you they're gonna get myself for my mom I'm and I I have had people say Ayman. You know I have a Stanley amber in my living room right now I need and I will shoot myself a number across and have them call me. And we go from there we see you know what is is justices and we're talking about. Is this time were we need to get some counseling and we're not to that point let's not letting get that far down so yeah we do help people outside passageway is all the time. Is there on anything that. You would like for people that are listening in the community of Wichita to know scraps that maybe they don't know that passageways does or pass into his message. In case because you know a lot of teams have groups signed and power and we'll hear back from people saying Nieminen existed. You know I have I have a final or I didn't know why is this what are you hoping will be the main man. Teaching across tired. We're we're there. Two. Kids these guys they hand if they deserve any thoughts and they gave it everything. On the battlefield and you know from the moment they walked in the recruiting office and they sign that paper and they gave themselves. To the country. When they came back they need to know that. That we hear. You know not just an organization over family yeah and organist stand with them side by side during the whole program. After the program and and we have some of them come back and volunteer. And yeah we're we're not go anywhere it. Where are going door. Oh. Good any here okay okay and it pretty easy. Yeah senate for 2017 meaning channel it's you know it's almost marchment. If. Officially weird you know for years just starting out what's on the horizon for you guys for trying seventy grows. There not absolutely growth and I first so far resting up you know. Gain house paid off that would create even more money to help our guys and we have lots of and the Kemp who has with the vehicles. That are in really bad condition these guys should not be driving these cars I mean. Antidote to make contact with mechanics and maybe help some of those bills and now and expand. When they'll help more veterans tops looming. So if people are listening and they think I got time to make cash. You know I donation of my time for. You know days or weeks that I make monetary donation does that get it right I would absolutely get towards the house every everything goes towards. To have the choice the house yet exactly and the guys that in the house with guys always come first always come first. And so if they go on to our our passageway LTD dot org there's actually and several programs there's adopt a hero you can do ten dollars a month. You know whatever fits their financial situation and believe me every bit helps giving example a person at least 25 backs that ten Max is paid almost you know almost half yeah you know. So yeah that you're directly helping in improving a veterans' life. So this is add just a list okay now if you go on their web senate passage ways. I'll tee dot org there is I'm you can step up to attack challenge ten dollars a month twenty dollars a month thirty dollars a month. So here's how you can break it down let's see gave ten dollars and one that's four days and meals. For heroes that's water for our heroes laundry and that's three day bus passes. So this money goes towards things like legal issues birth certificates bus passes. Medical costs and then just the household staff I mean food. Rent utilities. Dish so dishwashers and laundry so yeah and it's a little stuff like that that we take advantage I mean if you can. Did that today walked outside to get the morning paper and mocked by tear door. And nothing's happened that's because people were in the service and the percentage. Yes very symbolic we have our lives the way you. Because they did what they do it yeah so this is a very little this is a very little task to give. To Buehrle gave us so much saint grade MBD passes items along to our guys when they graduated Emmy my cars loaded with ads first thing they did hint. Best for cleaning supplies inevitably every graduates like became getting cleaning supplies dry because they have chores and holly yeah helps to prep them for their new apartment. So they could for themselves everything in that house and Yasser we are receiving cleaning supplies and Antonio paper and paper towels that senator and a this pass along to them this is awesome if he doesn't have I am more. About passage and you can find him on face thank you can find them on the Internet passenger is LTD dot org. You can find out I'll kinda cool ways that you can Downey conducting hero you can't make monetary donations he condemning time got there house. If you notice that you're going through and get artists embed your furniture or stuff like that. You can always contact them you know so that they can get first dibs on everything if it's Ninan. And you know it's fine least. Help this didn't sell cool you though and thinking your whole family mean to hear from us to here's story and I think you know over in India and broadening debt that can make a difference a day yeah Dawson it's changed just all we we we see things from an entirely different perspective now. It's so close so much I appreciate it though. We'll check out this interview and other any news from empower at our website at power 95 dot com you can share me to listen to them again. If you wanna find out more about passenger is getting you know the web site past the joys. LTD dot org you can find them on FaceBook I'll sell. And I get health in our veterans needed and we owe it to him. Things are joining me thank you so much I appreciate that we got more coming up on in power Wichita Onkar 93 point that.