Passage Ways

Wednesday, May 3rd

Passageways was formed in the hearts of Jennifer and Susan, our Founders, in 2014 with a vision to impact the population of homeless Veterans living on the streets in the greater Wichita area. Passageways is a private, faith-based non-profit organization providing solution-based ministry services to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population with the mission to, assist every Veteran that walks through our doors to achieve their individual goals and provide essential tools and resources for housing stability, independence and self-sustainability.

Partnering with one of the nations largest homeless providers out of Oklahoma City (City Rescue Mission), Passageways tailors programs after this proven leader in homeless populations.  City Rescue Mission provides housing and social services to more than 600 homeless or near homeless people in Oklahoma City.  They have been in operation since 1960 and are now CARF accredited.  We are working with City Rescue Mission as they provide training and administrative support to Passageways. a warm and safe environment for veterans to call home.  Our services to our Heroes are at no cost to them.  After all , they have already given so much protecting our freedoms. 


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It's time for empowered to Tom Karen any 3.5 I'm your host Miranda Watkins and today we've got passage ways. In the studio with this in a lot is going on with passage ways and they have a lot coming up for 2017. And I would like to think different for joining us in the studio again thank huge pleasure it be that so for our listeners that Conti here over Easter and a couple times before that few months before hand. We had you guys on any Davis kind of history passage ways how to pass the trees came to be a free one that missed it skip us your story okay. I able and is basically three years ago we heard leaving my husband and my mother and I. A story on TV about a veteran who died under bridge here in Wichita and it's it just it struck a nerve with us. And we just we couldn't sit back and let this happen so. We quit our jobs and we opened a house that we rented and west which is Tom you know we can take nine heroes in at a time. And it's at 501 C three were not government run are funded. And this. Enables us to move very quickly to get the items that are heroes need from around we've replaced all the missing ID. Driver's license Social Security cards birth certificates we pay for all of that we help them with jobs. Help them get the contacts to their benefits go laying. And then we help them find a home. Sound the Salvation Army program paying their application be deposit and up to seven months rent. They are phenomenal and then the VA program. The head bashed. I'll be able paid for 30% of the the veterans gross income they'll actually that's what they charge for the race and so our guys have an amazing. Head start. We don't charge them so they get to stash their cash while there with us. And graduation is when that apartment gets approved said they get together through all of our nation's we get from the community I just telling you we have leather couches and Atlanta Rick cleaners and all these wonderful things people have sent to us and our heroes get to go through everything like a store and pick what they want to make that house their own. And two minute track Timmy and and they made them for free they have moved all of our heroes referring. That is just aggression out to two minute track that is not an easy job moving Latinos now. I'm doing now hard work yeah and a lot of guys like having a third floor apartment they don't have anybody about them down in on the you know like on the sides of them. So it's a bit quieter into the skies toughen up those stairs and that that's it's a lot of stopping me do that offer free and that is so yeah I revenue command has and you can tell your passion. To help these veterans and you noise com heroes and I let me IRA they are here as I say you know. The difference between them and me as is is they had the courage to walk through that recruiting office door and sign those papers not knowing what was gonna happen. Just like the ones that the women and the day before 9/11 and they signed up they didn't know what was coming and yeah so there are heroes in our eyes absolutely. Now with passing trees and you said three years ago yeah this is what you guys got into end. You know it's really inspiring to see that you guys heard about something like let's change it. So the minute that you started. You guys hit the ground running and you provide so much. And with every year you grow more. And you guys have some exciting stuff on the horizon that with that is and you of that trying we do. Who we are so we're just so drought and we have our first race. We have we have and we have a company that's helping us put it together so we really cater to the runners on what they want. It's going to be and the races chipped so it's time to remove those who like to keep track and you know how are laying its that are rad being old records. And it's called. It's the first annual road home five case and I'm five K run or. A one K why. It's always. And you act kid is gambling lot. Yeah exactly and and I am not a runner. But I was planning I'm not mean eyes and oh god bless I value runners out there hat's off serious late show. It's a hard deal to run it's hard on me dry and these people they just they make it looks so easy. And does it and we had it's going to be called the land of the free homes for the brain. Jack and we have that's going to be July 1 yeah. Fair and it's a 25 dollars if you go ahead and you book hits and compete for her before may 31. The neatest thing I'd love about this race is if somebody has fallen hero or. Hero that's disabled an unable to participate in the race from. They can contact us what that person's name it. And found he had in the runners. Can have. That name on there's you know we'll have a way for them to display the name on the shirt. And they get to represent that Shura throughout the entire race the very cool trivia yak in and we want to the family says yeah we are deathly looking for runners and if people have names of veterans they would like Aniston. Represented in that race you know and give us a call them that the I never be 316. 3006874. If you want to help end and like I said he not a runner yeah I can pay 25 dollars and I will find a runner. Yes some income to do that yet and we can rent for you we can help do that. You know and what I like about this is it's it's not intimidating I'm not a runner but I mean let's be real. We can LT a five K it's something that you can run block he can and yeah take breaks if you want TO. And you only have to. BS series as you wanna be now the back you're seeing periods during the last yup fasting they'll austen's time this is a great race for you to deal. If you have veterans in your family and you just want to run their honor or perhaps get the whole family involved puts created. It's a five K you can train for it if you're like if not he can do over unlocked. And if you don't wanna go to Africa as well there's a one miles so early when they can do that man and I mean you can heaving bricks straw out for that like oh hey dad. You know did get some steps on your fit that many aging very gay yeah. It's a great thing but this is the first time he has done this it is so this is exciting it. So where we obviously Clinton at every year in got to start somewhere and that this is the year we're gonna tackle it and if they don't FaceBook and actually like passage ways. And LTT that there's an event that group in if they click on the event that group you will see. The road home five K event right there in her lead straight to the sign up page. And it they have any questions again they can give us call. Ultimate fix this is really easy to find you guys. Actually if you haven't already check passage of a.'s website is good passage ways. LTD dot orchid got it past the joys LTD dot court can now there's information. About the race that you can find that there's all sell information. About volunteering and the wish list and helping hero. Now if you're listening and we were talking about this before the break you know a lot of times. You you go through in the closets how surrounds. If you're moving or if you're just ready to get email downsizing into the Helm you. Really should have a lot of fresh turn you think we'll see nominees I don't wanna just. You know to get rid of that I wanna make sure someone can get some use out of it you don't needed to pass the joys and a veteran can use it. This is really got to tell us about all of that the volunteer opportunities the wishlists how can only help. My Guinness edited that went what people call us and we're looking for full and queen size beds. Dressers. And tables small dining room tables. I would like to her four chairs. And so all of these are these items are collected and wonder when location. So as a said when they graduate they get to JoAnne and they hit to find do you I love that other so and I'll get tickets even look on their face only to offer from homeless or near homeless. To the fact that people have actually taken the time to go to their house and deliver this here. Knowing that one of us that that we're gonna receive yeah it it is and their there's hope you time. President and and to see their eyes light up and the joy that comes with that and and they always look at is say in say. Like anything I get to pick think anything's like yeah yeah this is very few years this is for you. Let's say you guys are you guys are very much involved in in the lives of these men and women that you help it is not just. Hi what's your name no sign up and going your way I mean yeah very. Involved in their life hands them their success and yet helping them DeVine. He and he said that what's fun you know seeing them tackle these things out. And it also be found the person who is don't believe is his will do life feeds during the mood and we'll have people pop up and comments oh gosh that's like how much air yet that's my right egg donated it's so neat to actually see where my item is going. And it it really helps connect connect their hearts to the program because they they know they are making a difference there is proof right there we if everything that's going on a passage ways I'm you've got this first annual road home five K. Land of the free homes for the Braves. And if you're just tuning and we've got to have clear passage ways passage ways helps homeless veterans and it's not just. Re homing veterans you guys really provide. Love and care in two men and women who have served our country who in a lot of ways and I hate to say it. But we forget about her patterns right we forget about. What they've done for us and taking care of them and that's for you guys have stepped in and stepped up. And Wichita so lucky to have you guys handle the work that you deal but you guys are always in need of volunteers help is needed donation writes how can folks. T our rights have basically out of me you can either give us call again 3006875. And and if you have a book group to give a church group if you have a play should like just you know. Comes speak you can tell us you have five minutes you have an hour we will be driven we do Hayes and how to dodge. Ashland we've been all over Kansas spreading the word about that the homeless heroes. And we have people bringing meals will have like it's like a book that group of politics we bring talk as next Thursday Butler once a month. And leaky you on the calendar and then this we you get to come and see the guys. They get to see the love that your bring an end. And you need to stand. And we have got 32 it's from Ashland Kansas are coming down from a group called show. And what they do is say honor. Our warriors is what it says yeah I'll call Jack and said they're gonna be and doing landscaping and planting flowers and Yardley learns and things to really you know sharpen up the yard you know spring this year leaves how close down. Yeah so we have kids that I am. Another schools making an option like in inspirational cards for the gentlemen I still have an inspiration wall. When those guys are feeling a little bit low they can go in a pull out went his cards and I get him from an innocent child that is just. We love we you've done for us thank you for what you done for our country and and it just relate it brings it home for our hero and. I love that. That is so cool also that would be great activity for perhaps a school because school girl scout Boy Scouts exactly. In exactly three months listening teachers troop leaders church groups if you lined him a hold of passage ways there's a couple of ways that you can do that I mean. You guys are connected to social media Twitter account you have FaceBook account he's going to sign up. To go to passage ways LTD dot org you can also find passage ways. LTD on Twitter on face it there's lots of ways that you can connect. You can't make donations you can donate your time you can Jennings furniture. You can't reach out and could. Mick could you perhaps have deterrent script come out and make you could feel it would go a long way and what's awesome is if perhaps you're like yeah have a picture from her I'm Craig could even be a part of K just coming. July 1. I'm thinking about acts like that's not time for me to walk every night gig kind of worked out there. Two wearing you need to run most of the five K but if your walk previous Bob any. I'm not enemies play it so. Yeah. Hit. We've I love I love. Every bit of the enthusiasm that you guys have for helping our veterans and it's something that. And everyone in this city should helpless. They give us so much yeah and they never ask for anything back knows if there was any thing that does someone listening who wasn't familiar with passage ways. I should now about what you guys are doing in between seventeen or. Come what you hope foremost. In the future tween teen what what would it be any. You know are our biggest goal list with us and really bizarre. Throw an app that can't are your reading up our biggest goal is to go out of business. I would love that you know I needed to happy as day that means we've got. No more homeless veterans on the street period period and fortunately that's not going to happen and so. Just by a hip following us on FaceBook are heroes to follow us on these folks that they do see the comments and and everything in it is very encouraging to them. If you wanna help sponsor of the race not just a runner Betty hale when I went a paper that the first. Place trophy or the second placed her yeah things like that you or your company involved. Give us a shout out ams we always detours at the house. So it it really brings it home when you come to the home. NEC's that that's exactly what it is from and they're there's a camaraderie. With the veterans we've had over there in a in a brotherhood we have four veterans during the same apartment complex. They keep the nanny each other how you can gas and and so. You really do feel eleven the passion button when you come to visit. Now with all of this it's going on just egress constantly growing helping your providing. Perhaps someone that's listening knows of a veteran that is immediate assistance. What have estimated that kind contact with you guys actually they can either private message just on Facebook and I'm actually even if people are based but there's a call now button. And that'll go straight to one either myself or my mom or my husband. And then weakened and direct she we can talk to the veteran on the phone and we have also integrate contacts. The VA Salvation Army needs and hot the homeless outreach team on the police department home yes. Yeah a lot of people are scared to call. Hot because they think that the of these children are gonna be arrested for and that's not how words not at all not at all these this group of people at the highs in years the homeless in Wichita. And I I cannot give enough shout outs to them. Yeah I had no idea that was season and even I attrition so that's incredible. There's so many people out there with good hearts that are helping and there's so much more help that can be done so if you. Do you know someone that could use to help please don't hesitate to contact passage ways and if you would like to sponsored down name volunteered. Or become a part passage ways first annual road home five Cain. Give calling infinite Tinny just go passage ways LTD dot org or even fine him. On C spec or on Twitter there all over social media and you guys recently you guys are on the news to see president did not I. Million hello Kate TV's the ball. Allowing us for awhile and in our progress and and they did a fantastic fundraiser Gloria there hit it did decide you don't do something in her husband's a veteran and she put this whole thing together and we raised 47000. Our holy Moly man hello I know because the goal is obviously to purchased the house cannot. And so you know we're. We are just there were helping 11 veteran Wenzel at a time if you guys are where the house which is retrieved referring to that is actually where there's a fourth time period acts so it's very cool I'm that they have a place where you know they can dispute community again and get back on their feet. So again please. Find away to help or become a part of the community that is passage ways. You can find them on social media. And you can find them also on their wedding dress which is passage ways LTD dot org thank you so much for coming in much appreciated all right guys we got more coming up for empower Wichita on how our nanny 3.5.