Fundraiser for Local Wichita Man: Fred Herrera

Wednesday, May 3rd

SUNDAY MAY 21, 2017 AT: Riverside Park, WICHITA KANSAS
 FRED HERRERA Is known as Godofredo P. Herrera , Husband of Graciela Herrera- Orozco They have 2 Daughters And Grandfather of 6. HIS Father and Mother and 5 Siblings. He Always Works Hard And A Go Getter And Gives100% But 
Now Fred Herrera Needs Help. We The Family Are Asking For Donation or Help Of Any Kind!!! We Dearly Appreciate The Help!!
Please Notify : Graciela Herrera 316 461- 1582 Catrina Herrera 316990-3821
EN Español: Raquel (Cata ) Herrera 316 847-1476


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Or empire which time and we've got a hack session today I'm really excited you know whenever we're discussing things that are going on in the cities sometimes Stanley's reach out to us and talk to us about events that they're having your loved ones if any can be anything I mean a lot of times families pulled together in times. You know in times of stress in times of sickness. And that's what this family is doing so I'm really excited because. I could it be more pleased to have someone from my family coming out and seven we've got to chino on the error event. And she has literally calling in right now. While she is busy doing her days so thank you so much for joining us. Let me. Now I know that sound you guys are going through a lot right now. In you're having a fund raiser because you've got some medical signs that you're trying to get on top that. And this is all for Fred her rare as so tell me what's gonna continue scooped. Well he has been diagnosed with an. Aggressive form of prostate cancer. And he'd get radiation and unfortunately that was know Al so now they're going to Q. I believe it or an experimental. Turkey is called pro Leah marked. Burglar again and unfortunately sometimes those things. Are not covered by insurance yeah so we're just trying to raise money and whoever we and a family to help them now. And this is what it's important to cut across. Everybody that has loved ones on when you hear that insurance isn't going to pay for something it's such a defeating feeling because you're looking at someone you love. And you're trying to find ways. To save them to make them matter and I know this is something that we all deal last. And giving up isn't an option losing hope is not an option. And you guys are now going to have a sued and raffle fund raiser because you're trying to tackle a lot of these medical expenses. We sure are we're gonna have that on Sunday may 21 at sure a lot. And Seattle wash and heart which is that 318 Q now McLean boulevard. And we were gonna have they do it wouldn't happen. Where we're apple. We're gonna rappel off our chaplain. This past is a great woman's donating a fitness membership. I'm glad you're yeah and I'm just all kind of different things. Owns. We're just trying to view it much at we can't help in the and that's why. In which says some people can come to watch some parts you can hang out there's going to be sued like you said raffles. C can look around see which one day in honor put money on this is all gonna go to help Fred and his battle cancer and you know this type of man hard because I would be doing the exact same thing if Aaron your prices situation I would be. Racking my brain trying to find ways I can help. It's very difficult because we're very very close knit family and to have someone. That's in our core. He attacked or something like this Japan and that we don't want my kid like dough. Arrange everything that we possibly can that the family and hopefully the community would help myself because he's done a lot for. A lot of people. If you guys know their prayers or if you guys want to come say hi. Perhaps you know band's name for you to grab a couple raffle tickets and Joyce and should make a donation. It would be so appreciated. It's gonna happen that Watson park on May 21 it starts at 2 PM. And if seeming having questions wants to donate that can't make the event cushion they come in contact list. They can contact me and either you're my age but page Katrina are rare and or I also can be reached out myself. That number 990. 3821. We're also going to hear in the next few days get a go page. Aren't going. Oh yeah let me paint those are awesome. Okay we'll keep us updated on how everything goes guys market down on the calendars it's coming out may 21 Watson parred 2 PM. Dean there this is a fund raising about event to help fight cancer with Fred Carreira and think he's so much for being on empower with me. Thank you very much more and appreciate it very much. Of course we got more comments and I'll go anywhere it's apparently it's tough on turn any 3.5.