Onesimus House

Thursday, June 1st

Onesimus House is a transitional living facility in Wichita Ks focused on the success of the disenfranchised.


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Think you for joining us for empire which some power in any 3.5 I'm your host strand a lack condemning yes studio full of folks today. And a lot to talk about so you. Please turn it up and miss him because I've centric nick came DeAngelo Hall from a dismissed a in this semester house. So loan homes and invest in your eternity hi gang is. Let me go yeah yeah yeah like just a studio full. Sell a lot going on and it's little wild since we've had Aniston's house and slump comes and this is the first time we've ever had. Investing your eternity and I know that to the last time that we talked am I missed his house and slum homes were merging into wine. And I know that found is that. Was really exciting news not just for what you guys had on the agenda for trying seventeen but also. For the fact that these are two great charities are coming together to do some work in our community so let's start with you guys so sick did what calm all the. A lousy going armor and I mean I'm just warning sent to be here we thank you for this opera on rallying now you know. Yeah it was hello we have a lot of great things going on without dismiss right now we just have five residents in there where. Glad to announce that to transition out I mean that's like this can't have false sentiment is helping people transition to. And the parts mice that's true good out of a little bit and current remodeling face lifting on the house he just kind of automation of keeping the best for the people that come in hmm. Still referred those are maybe listing and they're not sure can you can just tell us what Imus his house says. And the word that you guys still. Okay I'll recap that alas I'm gonna show lately downward. Oh this in his comes from the book of gleaming in the Bible OK and as soon as was not that good of the this is saying this is kinda has some challenges. He had those challenges he ran into Paul Paul made on this mission to demand that he should decent American city. Anything did this guy knows charges of my count is don't you guys tell me so therefore that's how. Ion pack. How duration and is fine this is what what poll talked about was. Fighting and of course was not just diminished in the neighborhood. In the community. But he really obviously was a slave owner from thousands of slate. However on Christmas ran away from me stole money the whole nine dollars and now polish story. Wish restoration is I've managed we're restoring the community one person at a time and that's how we like to think about you know yeah involved in the lives of individuals. This is what we're not masses when the numbers we get in the lives of individual moment like individuals. Or whatever level. They are paying just got to go from there and gone to the word. Now this we thing is since you guys are I mean you're just looking at strangers people it just Nina handing me some of the needs and helping your saying here were here. And we're here to lift you up and to help peel how do people go about getting hold of you guys are contacting you say are needed. Your services okay our cameras he wants six Edison an 80590. That's 316778. 0590. That's the and this is how she can also contact is. Via FaceBook we also have a website that has been a long time coming and the way it works is you meet with a specific interview we do the application process. We obviously. Consult the powers that be the kind of come together to people that run the house and then go from there was really nice right now as we accepting applications. For all types of people no matter what area of life in nine out of my wishes to you coming out of though usually have a criteria over the previous opens like he'd be working in like you have some still believe that right now accepting applications. And and we have potentially taking residence in any circumstance believes who's that looks like it would mean that your father's. While now with everything that you guys have going on for the summer you guys are super busy. I am and on top of that year and she's still doing slum homes and and running that's so what's on the avenue force alone. Will begin his best song is we got approved for house to move. Analysts say maybe Wells Fargo utmost yeah. We got them are also they said they were back to the candidates in house and SE cents a right now what we're doing is. We just need help guys I mean really I don't mean yeah. We were active in the community and funding is a name again I don't know how how is the scene really we got some fundraisers coming up we want to. Obviously I don't get me out I mean do. A simple thing which is pain addresses a lectures from contact is a website that so we'll do that it to the finals or throw. Well in enemy and it does help veterans and helps those. And transition in transition coming back. So you know we'd like to do that if anyone contest a website as they come I do you know to a block let's get together and us. You notice to as many as we can possibly him and it goes to a very worthy cause that's one fund raiser. We're gonna do a few feeding. Events as well yeah partnering with the CF CC there's eight more. Parting with does it seems. Current and end all and mentally and Matt awaiting a news program coming up this very week alone so like this is an important so you. The report them with a few other churches I mean you know an effort to try to community it didn't seem nice in Lima presents takes money to do. Think really does and I mean and it's. Something that every charity needs and and for you guys I mean this isn't a small fee you're talking about attaining human beings and that requires shelter that requires true that requires everything that goes along with what we use energy today that. You may not even think about the salt that you use the the detergent keep your clothes cleaned the toothbrush I use this morning I mean I hope he's at this. I'm what's happening is they're out but you know it's it's that stuff it adds up very much so how can how can people they wanna make a donation how can he did that. Just that it contact us. The number that a Nicholas gave. Which he. What would she. 3169328779. S in them they can reaches also. On that website and you just do one or the other ministries on doctor C which could handle or. Way more FC it reaches the net they also reaches through IYV. I YE. Yeah Luntz PMI YE and I had asks is inclusive stands for not investing your own eternity. Now and you're hot spot Tony about it. It's been a blessing for sure it's Christian revenue that we have here now Wichita Kansas. Why he records invest in their attorney. And though and it's been going really well any business as you have everybody knows about the first probably year or two or three is tough time now. 'cause like you say oh man finding a you know may now try again so I. Good thing about it is when you really what you dream is then there's going to be some some things as you have to give up and sacrificed so. You know working a lot which is fine but also. When you try to build the business. I'm the support system is everything so he can go and find your own support system that really supports you lose so when you're down. He kind of helping hand there unless we want us to do we loose a lot of people to the. Now how did you guys all get together hold that lane who you can pay me that story. It is okay. Yeah to get as we obviously know that upset because my father so he burns me I came from he'd seen on the first hole and that's why. Thanks to my game yeah okay birth I don't need it Qaeda I was doing the best machine cause a lot of faith. Yeah we've been doing it for almost two victory is now just crazy because I've never I mean that's the long running guys did so that this you know make these posters and again just speaking in the lives of people. Not so much as stereotypical religion just kind of empowering people power which is awesome for our people is being licensing. And yeah this message from as the one day. And and those like him and who's doing come talk to me nearly do you wanna be best friend yeah. And that's from. Ever since being nominated and and did you swim team and meet yeah. There are a lot of a lot of changes a thing about it is. When he can really find somebody does to speak like continued in home. And and you know just hang on and taken it in and talk about various things of the like. In other courses so divided this city sort of outages everywhere not even hear just I'm dogma in general people are sort of vita let me say that I saw there. Popular sort of vita because they're like. Maybe it can't talk about the situation or maybe just for us also this way this way this went there was never like those mean nick was just like hey. This is who I am just what I'm going to let's talk about it must go ahead and I'm make best friends. Yeah I just maybe I'm Minnesota menace is work out and you know. Yeah the progression the progression is nice in May we just continued to meet people who. You know who gravitate towards us we just become really genuinely PeopleSoft is definitely a blessing that's how I thought that relationship came about it. Finish us up to Diana. Alan Chandler. She's just an amazing woman and adds that it is actually when little surely that. I'm who's gonna do this work for her and she median term president over Salome and she passed arsenal. Don't since it's my father's had this dream since his time and incarceration is this country if you wish and it's manifested. And it's just gotten destiny assailants still it is exciting yeah because what happens is. Win. If you stay engaged long enough from now things are moving to have all the how Cecile purpose will introduce himself and for me and Andy in. What is happening is. In our patients I was just constantly put the right people mean we what are a couple of weeks ago. Out seen in someone else has seen. Nick speaking in the people's lives on FaceBook make contact him heading going to vote for don't. Discontinued. And we'll speak to use the data say they want you Communists did to do you nation we all baloney but we decided to. Kind of concede to you know the young people so they could you know rely on the Yemeni and have that connection inhabit connections. What are your hopes for Tony seventeenth. Hole for these groups and for and for the people on their own lives that you impact did he sign it because here's what we got it. Yeah. No 5050 days ABC you know worst in order that would look to the next fifty years ago first look back 5050 you know. And okay what have we done how have we missed it yeah it is that we need to change nor. All right well. Our nation is is young in comparison to the rest of the world are we made some mistakes I'm more now we are saying we Mason mistakes so let's look back in the last fifty. To see how we can change the next fifty and empower some people like you see it come as a nation we need. BM power none right now we've moved percent divided I I don't I don't remember being an and you don't for me I'm in my admits. Often criminally or is. You know I don't remember ever being alive and seeing the country this divided now I know for people that are older they can remember. A time when it was in the attack I feel like right now. This is a very controversial time to be in this country but I also think that. What's needed right now is a little bit if I'm understanding a little bit of people wind out of the conversation instead of waiting for sure conversation. We've got a lot going on line and it's it's a very crazy time. To be in this country so with what here with what you're doing is you're not just looking at people that are done and out on the look you're looking if you would have been incarcerated you're looking at people live. Done the hard times that have lived hard lives and you're saying this isn't you're not through yet this isn't the end of your story in the. Try there's no way you can be done this. God is not mad at us we hey differently sometimes result does some of those yeah. Make mistakes I. And you are in there before the beginning of time so don't. And I'll how anyone else to judge you by your past mistakes court decisions we can't we can't continue to tune to me she allegedly caught up. I'm just so fun. As a result of their past errors yourself as the Arizona you pass out and doing is now. Look to the future wouldn't stop looking for all moved differences and just look for one similarity stroke. And we can't get what we got. Incumbent to struggle just build on that yeah he should say so so operation 5050 as we want to do we'll take a look at the past so that we can project into the future. So a lot of people can't wait you guys to to become part of this operation fifty contacted her. Yeah absolutely these carts. Actors on the numbers we want 6928779316928779. Or 316778. Oh far and I know we also had been his coming that we have advanced to the next who who don't barbecue CFC. Takes office look we'll give you those information that I just we'll also be linking up with the three could losses income. Tommy Tommy tiny. So I'm dying I'm. Should I did this in business yeah. Every episode you. In the Gaza within the W doesn't this now it just doesn't cost is going on we have something on June 29 in Andover. Five today to react as sandy hollow safe. Anymore. A variety Hollis. Yeah I suggest he's there also and it will be similar vein isn't moving and he's not in Ireland was the moment we'll have. Are you seeing all tell and ultimately those files and they both I don't got good health they are sensing that maybe six days of. Just you know all of us were just willing to that would let it be pushed around a lot of things and chains were. Can't forget we are just and look Craig. All right let me talk about Mitt. Man knows a dozen huge huge huge blessing national to have minerals runs just 95 in general. Tom. Have you have shift yeah yeah it was good it was a blessing it was a real win not only for why he records ended people who are there but there's a win for Wichita. Who knows a good shill for was a good sign out a good. Just a good example of who we are what we do I'm a lot of people they don't they don't really know how Christian rap is Earth Day you know he hare Krishna to comment on my become a corny. But a man if you see the highlights on on the videos man. The key is what tired. There where they'll turn it out you are seeing amazing so sat out Iowa I directors Dre B cache policy came out. And then mental Chris Fisher and he said he'll be back so we'll see without looks like. Want to encrypt plan doesn't enact that was really interesting which was you know this was a show about positively this was and wounding blow of music in my beliefs but. You couldn't help but notice says we're all filing into the facility you know their format they were plea people being fresh searching moving surged. And you know on the heels of what happened at this them. Ariana grinding concert this is a world power and my kids this is this is a world where a lot is happening and Ike it's a very scary time did at the same time. We are in this together like you're saying and show there isn't a greater time right now to get involved and to beat. Someone that looks at this Rowling goes we're not that different we're really not. And I definitely know what the tobacco please Karl looks like me not because those being given a tour so I cannot sit there at 10 o'clock they're gonna tell a lot of trouble actually. So I. I'm in the club I see it I. I ten TO I tend to always giggle and people cite other bad seed. I am I Desmond says about me several times I was a kid that parents mourn their kids not to be alone wet themselves. I think that's yup so I. So I think the Fed says a lot because. And we all have a tax. We all have something that we think she is someone's found out about this and I think differently you mean if someone knew this about me they might not respecting the same way. I am. It just there's a degree difference and all of us that are bad mistakes. That doesn't mean has to amplify the way we are now. In the other end it is news speaking on that. I don't know that trusting when it doesn't have a fast or tomorrow. Really yeah. I. I'd order or you know saying they never been doing yeah. So you can't take these what you know best my bedroom okay simple and none of you. I have to have been there and don't take someone else out so you can take me so when you've never been home in English double. Or having been incarcerated or having been a big deal yeah. Yeah I was called purity is yeah when you look right now. Have I not then there is in top it's really difficult to meet the view out of this situation so we have those experiences. We have. We're very often those midterm. Hey I still so yeah. And understood where star this most I don't know that I dressing rooms is helping me mom because you know you gotta love that polished. Mean there probably is instead of underneath there yeah I hear. In a glass house talking to us. Close so for all of our listeners that are that are am listing Renner to empower this is what we want you guys now if you're Justine in English what the hell's going on right now. I'm basically. We have several guest in the studio with us with in this man's house. We Salome homes we also have investing near eternity. And basically what we're talking about is getting on the community becoming a part of one of these I'm organizations and doing some good having a message and basically you know just talking about like. What path you guys have been on not just with. Deb being Christians and being believers but also just in this life that you guys had any interaction you've done. So tell me out of crawler listeners that are I am in the car may be in the kitchen is fixing breakfast. What do you guys want them to take away from that lesson with from empower and you guys we would you want him to take away. I first and foremost. Listening of course snakes like I got it. Yeah yeah. First we commend you should take this way it is out there Chinese as well to mission which is being one woman who just talking to somebody being encouraged where you have a transitional house or whether Eagles are in India for the prison's. Where he makes it easy for Christians this is positive would have message what your politics some pulpit to pew which supports who can mean you know that we all need support. To get this practice is not just financial support we ask first and foremost that you pray for us and using it doesn't considerations and yes they got move on. You to move on our behalf and that these so anything dual supporters need of course. You can contact us through Iowa but he can contact us to. The numbers to the seeks 92 instances and I never FaceBook page or a work in which is he won't seeks. Since an 805. And I don't want you guys know that you're making a difference right now where you are you making a difference issues are about to Ariana Grande is shown how. Deciding what people are really going out to be entertaining they're being slain. It's just we'll go live in so how well he'd be the change my gun see that we want to see in the world so therefore let's start to peel. Shelters. To communications to worse to. Affiliation is that that creates a places where not only does before children's chairs the ship so who's gonna judge you guys and how does restrict access on that same note nick when you see it. It'll put things change is a funny thing but it starts with being discussed with me at all so maybe today. I never invested anyone maybe I'll never. Look at the guy on the corner with a sign up differently. Maybe I'd never even thought about. I didn't know when he won I think. There has been incarcerated or I may not know anyone within an addiction problem but change starts with being so mean my first. Change and say I'm gonna seek out someone that I can help. Dean the changes already begun mom we need your help we need your support we need wearer of we've got a fun brilliant goal of about 151000 dollars in back to do before. The Summers in. But also. IDC it changed each individual we're changing the community one person at a time hello SM model would change commuted one prison time even the change begins to me. Yeah I mean how many times you empty talk to people that have that surge in emboldened to charity and they say after night. I do it did as much confirm me as I got to do for somebody else it's just it's hard to not feel that way when you take away from it you know like win. When you let it in and then you have become part of GO. RA and I dare you Harry had carried a top pick. Man I'm counting on the desktop and I'm just a month are you on Santa's gonna you know role player. I'm basically short sleeve in. However big or small your ministry is don't you know don't let dead. Don't let that Carter kind of slaves and someone who really talking months momma she's just because commissioner's model that is not effective. I'm because that is not true hello we're talking about. I change you know one person at a time is gonna change a whole community so we're talking about whether is he doing in Minnesota large scale or small scale just be faithful with what you have. Treat your teammates very well because if you don't teach team is very aware than other produce for you gonna find somewhere else is how it is his business one on one we know that. So go ahead and just take care of what god has given you runway you know your dream is and then go ahead and push a while meet together and in. Lulu fans. Rob playing like little. Yeah. Can you is gonna find out more here's a couple ways we can do it okay you can actually listen to this interview. And you can down money keep keeping you can share it just go to our website power 935 dot com. Click on in case you missed it and empower this will be up to then you can also shared on FaceBook. You can find out about Aniston's house of which time and it that is on FaceBook you can also find out about slum homes. You can find out about to invest in your eternity actually to say at all. Very cool so please check it all out do your do your part to do your best. And I think you guys for joining us and welcome thank you so much thank you so much for pads and we will be back you listed empower Wichita on how our nanny 3.5.