Part 3 - Not On Social Media - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 5th

The conversation continues from this morning. Being on social media seems to be "the norm" this day and age. So, is it a little weird when someone you know  isn't on social media at all? Listen to your calls! 


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More calls about. Yeah Carla seeing that people without social media accounts a weird weird goals are to. Different I just said it's different yeah sure they ordered. That's what you see I'm not trying to back away from what you clearly states in the talent and we'll thank you I appreciate that. The positive side couldn't you get to stay in connection yet even contact the families and friends who they're highly about it now own right. The united deceive men and talks and see old. Uncle Rick for what he's been up to him. Incorporated picture perfect sheiks. OK you guys can call an eight to 1993. To win it you don't have a FaceBook. I don't think it's clear that people are that social. Mediate earned I don't I don't yellow ball. The drama yet people wait until an example zone of social and it. They do not know I don't care that deal bet if they wanted to talk to me vacant heck we're bombing. Yeah she's all school. I really am. I didn't celebrate your own drama I don't like it. This is the kind of woman that when she loves you she is going to love you down to them. Very fiber of every format your body love you so hard. Right. Yet CE I knew that. Stop that I didn't I didn't. I don't expect that so I seriously so yeah I'm somebody's little school girl I just give some color and okay. Guys hang up the worry about it and gives us his blood that's what it's. About that is that it's important but it. It's also winning it now. We are now wearing everybody if you don't have Wyatt I thank Carl why he doesn't hear anything we've gotten over it you know both the media. It is late in the middle of the night after that he could are apparently Goodell works. Well let that's all I'm sure that you cup. That you look at and focus that terrible Steward not bad you don't have a positive media just stood there and of the devil you know 400 zevil. So I brought I want to understand. Youth but youth says that no damn hole is word peeing. New. Google social media Brothers at right now if the pro league work he does Bruno. I notice I'm. Digital social media and grabbing a woman and grab an above the left of the blood yeah. And go right to them they hand him listen do you leave behind a downward path to view and they actually did happen this. All I ask I don't question for you okay yeah and you have a FaceBook so. How. That's tough act can't send an exam ahead. And minimums yeah did you have a FaceBook you can't it was quite kids. Oh.