Part 2 - Not On Social Media - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 5th

The conversation continues from this morning. Being on social media seems to be "the norm" this day and age. So, is it a little weird when someone you know  isn't on social media at all? Listen to your calls! 


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If you don't have social media. To this day and age. I'm gonna think it's. Kind of weird because. To me I feel like that's how people connect now web site I only give you my phone number all the time. I know a lot of friends of mine that are are guys. It's probably a good thing they don't have a social media accounts so mostly guys you know and do not have. Social media count. I will live does not once in one night I know that doesn't have a socially can't come up because we're Smart and we got it together and if we're gonna how it's certainly not a million dollars and you may be up and everybody's business that's what we're nosy 8692. Out of three. I don't there have a social media Calhoun. My parents don't have to watch my third my dad's retired usually don't really district you don't care what do you find. Yes I'd probably and I am an audience who were probably about year you know why did you regionally and monitor a long way. At its own daughter from Santa Barbara has a record for a period drama there is John. Yeah you could block those people you could delete those you can hide their posts and followed the lead yeah but I managed and you don't want to drama in the pistol have a let me go to the made for right correct. Thank you sir I appreciate your true while. C you know once I am noticing most people don't have one tend to be up a little older plug power right 3.5. The ads though he won that league. Down a little weird though I'm glad you are blue eyes. We're being grilled me on this year I. I like you don't have that many who. But happy Bob Bob Graham that's an army that sound and light. At least apps talk. Yeah way even if it is what she disconnect where everybody I mean you're still he would he would bet you have the analog audio Booth. Oh twice as. People that you're even thirty years ago their brands at least. Army OK next equal it's not like I'll bet it is still the largest of these. OK a lot of money or. That's. I don't want that I haven't. Thought oh good they're gonna live this movie. Was so you don't let. It's not nice smooth. 86 and anybody door you can look behind those calls keep coming then are you going to be brutally honest like corn. 86 god did not into into power outages 3.5.