Part 1 - Not On Social Media - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 5th

Being on social media seems to be "the norm" this day and age. So, is it a little weird when someone you know  isn't on social media at all? Listen to your calls! 


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Social media accounts this morning with a hit man and Carlyle powered battery 3.5 oh you're weird if you don't have Juan Carlos adds I say hello where's. If you're not in these social media industry seventeen I'm like hey let's connect on FaceBook. Anaheim social media no one else. The day. Fastest. That's different I mean you know what. I'll I'll take it if if I find being insensitive. Learn closed minded. First thinking that's just how I feel and I need an honest person Colin and I plug it is kind of weird. 2017 you wanna leave it was summoned on social media they don't have any social media is just. It's kind of weird to me it's like not having is a boon to. Okay treatment how wow she's your sin if somebody doesn't have a folder we're truth as well. That's not so new and brittle normally doesn't have a phone and you. For those of you that are listened I don't have phones I'm sorry you can't call 86 and ten not a three goal. Border cranked up this morning go ahead as this where. Now my dad and not expect you to your dad does not weird. And all lists but we had what got my seventy your grandma and. She she was sick the grandmas with that it's a grandmother she's lonely nobody ever calls and. Color that you can. Let's see even the grandmas are with its own right yeah I had a face like this they. My dad my god does care he's he's like I want people know I'm doorknob column. Eight mile humor and I care about connecting up people haven't talked Jordan thirty years like series and haven't gotten. Thirty year. And high school love. Next. He'd break now you've got I want you want to know what I'm bill and I'll let you know healthy people who kidnapped dizziness I don't know they live in like Hamas. You weren't a little. I'm just asking what's. Lifestyle I felt when I got to get that thank you for calling man. That doesn't have a FaceBook he'd be good emails saying why don't come on now you go to labeled a guy like he's about what. Women have been some talent Whitewater so I don't call 86910 Downing Street and if you don't have a social with a account what do you think I. Being crazy. You don't have. Yeah yeah it is it didn't screen with a different you know create ever ask you just can't they don't have a it's not really what. What I don't. Just let terrorists then do. Not helpful and my husband would not have flood you cannot hate my adult and it didn't have a line. And I know how foreign news command and my family. I'd never on their city so. There you go yeah. Well thank you for Colin then my appreciation I I'm I'm I'm differently not personally as everyone like you I'm very much respect your opinion came. He lives shaped path looks like listening. To I don't think you know there. Yeah I think it's really more people need to stop terrorist socialize and they can change. There you go I do agree with that thank you for calling I appreciate your call and can show but she didn't want to allay these Carlyle. And I will admit they solid guerrilla board yeah acts.