Part 2 - Secret Facebook Account - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 6th

The conversation and your calls continued about "Rodger Dodger"...who called in this morning stressed because his wife found out he has a second Facebook account for work. 


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Roger I know your listening right now. I felt like she technically I spoke ha it is an upfront about the information. Whatever. Roger is hiding things. 861993. The power lines are going crazy we have another lady on the phone who has some type of brass Malaysia rationalizations. For Roger the dodger go ahead member. About that cap but they've but Kurt no I mean nothing but we're okay. Fire that everything is definitely a very. The millionaire wanna do. Probably only time. Now who's. Okay yes I think Wellemeyer if you watch the threat theft. How ever are I. I think about it but they're dumb things bad guys would not want to Britney yeah. Yeah you might have a professional but it but let me get rid of this bill. If you want the read me mind but I don't think he did have a password and then all of that. My kind of woman I don't think anything. Dating is going nuts but I. After a lot of it is a woman I can't help I want a part of it as you wouldn't be okay. And you how can I ask you out there that they have been bugged up boy about experiment bad about. Don't let go what about I don't I don't FaceBook. Yeah I'll drop out. And yet sport where back. Sending him OK I don't think I have never put those conversations and emails text messages please welcome anything like it never lets. And Roger the benefit of the doubt you'll know when your heart of markets to something's going on you. You're just gonna trip to go home with two K what I don't know you have heard snow is saying that still here with me I was come. I can catch he's. Each I don't need to know now band. Just the growth in my mouth. Did you really almighty did you have a glass of water proof. He's been married to is warmer for 23 years he's had the sheet great. FaceBook account what are you doing girl I'll. Yeah I had grabbed about. Is that enough there was a bit of it. I'd backward Arab mind perhaps that's the highs I think you should be able to have it just completely he's. He's back stressed that all giggling at an avid there's nothing on there you know I like oh crap now to add delete everything. All that weight among thinking about it day and then argued that absurd that's Barney. Yeah you could say you know what Roger Smart 'cause he called us up but you know Roger is spending today clean enough that they split. Yeah I guarantee he's got to give her access to the FaceBook account I give. He Lysol in the old days when yeah he hasn't really had a go ahead he's got to be scrabble idols but is it going to be clean I. Think yeah. He missed a spot throughout the and you know what I'm everybody thought about I think Roger cleaned out this video I heard bill. He's cleaning up his FaceBook right now before you get sir that's. Access I think you guys are being way too harsh graduate rain even on the level heat and yeah you know what's going on you say there's not smarter about it. Agreed to assume most like I do think from what I gather also WiMax until he concluded that Roger wasn't too bright spot. I'm trying to I gain union teller about this case the Jews have for years for his words he should just he's used he has announced on my guys give me the day in Canada already have. We're came to. It's.