Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 20th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was always that Jenkins gave some power ready three point line. Oh I'm not a constant Dario. Hello tiny display demands Davis plays they appreciate Connors this area Evans calling from AIG howry dawn. Good how are you fund owned I don't comment about the email that she sent us yet. Then a negative stories they use your upset of the fact that we did the reverse stock split. Yeah al-Qaeda but you know that that adds values in the shares of stock correct. You know what it adds value alone don't tell me like I know something most of us keep them kind of settled. You think you know what it as an investment group I was 22 years old and really drop or what's that new job and age on the I can't cash. I think in Iran curtain across from customers' servers condos and I don't know why HIV only got thirty share is not like you bomb on you know on top amount. What I'm trying to tell you this I'll I had a good record is. Yes I'll calls against our main. You know what then you're the wrong person to call me because I don't really wanna talk I don't argue with you I'm guessing you called your dad I'm not China youth you'd like. I tracked what I get I'll get on me and bangs unlikely hole dead. Oh yeah had I can't believe first of all. It it just I I photographs I can't count here I really needs somebody else to speak left. Well as on to say here's a guy I feel number one that you're attacking me racially okay. Generally. How what you know what you think I'm attacking you racially. I have I and telling your voice how old are you you keep trying to getting out of money on top somebody else. I'd do the talking someone else because you're very hot still an angry and I just play you know I'm gonna come down on all got to come down on the Asian community. Hello I'm an Asian community wow okay someone yet meal some apple sells because as far as traffic. Wow what can you do this you said this bird ish tripping. Policy often not insane at the line man oh my goodness you know way. Can I please speak to someone else a manager something in there and what's your ID number. ID number is Q3 64 you've just been phone Jack. I hope and Clinton. Hello thank. You don't check it. Good call and check dot com. Many want a phone -- tell me who it is now all the time that power not a 35 dot com.