Part 2- Who Keeps The Dog? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 2nd

Part 2 regarding new state laws going into effect in 2018, such as in Illinois that has a new law saying pets will be treated more like kids during a divorce, and could be subject to partial or joint custody. Should pets be treated like kids in a divorce? Listen to more of your calls! 


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Should pets be treated like children at a Boris what do you need I think that's cuts are definitely part of a divorce thank you thank you so yeah. They're part of your family there your ideal place. Absolutely. I totally grant Firefox and present my about it all the current discussed as it happened. We try to add equipment and the importance. Of dark clothing. Yeah yeah and you know you'll have five we have to one another one in my life slightly funny now we cannot. We we cannot pick on another baby right now. But that's self honest and he. That was what. People would agree with me court you've. God did he include you put it only a couple got all. And I want to go one step further I think they should do background checks on people that wanted dogs there should be a waiting period before. Big dogs can take them home that needs to be home inspection the whole nine yards deep water. Aren't quiet. Animal or animal or commitment to. I just I agree with that nice guys are trying to make me sound like a monster now awful awful our growth with all of the about pets are actually as of the reasons we are rock are all. Right I just love accede. They can't talk back his. Remember that yeah. What's going names that. Leon thank you and I appreciate you OK what what corporate warning you that you've seen them. I'll. Brett. Error on. And eat. Me. Why on earth for five you agree with that yeah. They behind it yet at me you know right on. Art equipment. So he's he's got a great big sister for a little Brothers Jack she's taught him how to potty taught him how to you know bark when he when he wants something and then he doesn't go anywhere without a sister they're like two peas in a pond. They. Yes I am actually get it out how I'm I had my pre. I am right cheek. Moon and this is a puritan government to cost issue as far as you're concerned. And then we cannot afford to have doggy court and dog judges and bailiffs are all left. You know maybe they can have like a private mediation for animals do that do that on the site you wanna start a business and do like a private mediation for animals. Do it. But I just don't think. The dog should be clear and I did good just to be able to order dog go to therapy if they're really upset about the. That's one that's how I know. Just. Okay the little sure this is daddy's little girl your little dog Zoe that has a daddy's little pressure not just this girl thank you in this pink. Jack has his own shirt and blue when I can't tell you what that term since I. And it ain't been down all the Carly you know there's no way you're gonna win on this this is what I like hello how does. As we thought what do you think. And it luster forget I'm a parent site. Share their children you don't expect don't think they're they're not want us an escort them for that can't not think you're gonna hate yeah. Focus on Andre I don't know why you are headed that notebook backcourt can't stop the corporate count her off court. The he's headed in the cloud what happened last year is. Here with that equipment but it was curtail my activity people can't put a little bit out there. I thought I can't children. Even her out she okay. Rim of the can now appreciate your call thank you why I. Whenever I'm. Never. I. Paychecks until another in three. She's right I can't really just.