Part 1- Who Keeps The Dog? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 2nd

New state laws are going into effect in 2018, such as Illinois that has a new law saying pets will be treated more like kids during a divorce, and could be subject to partial or joint custody. So we asked, should pets be treated like kids in a divorce? Listen to your calls! 


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However at a three point kind of how morning Playhouse is the hit man and Carla we need a like an animal rights bladder you know. An animal rights flag at a depth the rainbow flag and got these other different flags went out. Coming up a flat salute for the dog's image in the pants and she made one. I'm gonna I'm gonna work gets one up and made 61993. Were heavily 8 doggie discussion this morning. Because Carlo. And I just I can't even see your co star. Okay let me know I can't say because you started off when you make people not want angers me and make me sound heartless so. It's 2018. States are implementing a lot of new laws. Illinois is one of mom to where they're gonna let people including. Their pets into. A family is divorce. So. Even though the court so already overcrowded with things now they're gonna add to it and add dogs. Okay pets to this so the question is should pets be treated like kids. And it divorced so let's let's talk about basic stroke break. A dog is not an actual child because child as a human being to sing I love dogs their precious I direct with animals dogs cats birds. We always had a growing up but I still lie H. Kids and dogs while they do have some of the same mannerisms they're not the same and I still like you shouldn't include. A dog legally into a divorce this is gonna add to the complexity of the issue leads the focus now kid he's got a decent there's already some. Stress and under our needs to be someone who's going to be an advocate for the pets. Until it's an hour and 1093 don't. So what he thought were eager alone. You've got supported me every dog has listened to me right now this is market at the radio voicing their support he's stressing me out you agree with you made your agreement currently this morning. I am you know the you know. Guess my my act check out I broke up at that Madonna. I love abruptly okay. Oh my god collect premarket. You know I'm a Mac and I think it. All together if somebody else he caught up and oh yeah yeah a lot of horrible and play tomorrow much. And again you know another chick on top of that what does this right yeah steady and I'd get X field felt. I will pick up front exile part of ethical. For colleagues. But I'm so I'm sorry that happened to you home I spend as little. She. And I got a break. Your juice he HX nine and not telling you what do you think the paint scheme to get the same rights is that kids and a divorce what do you think. You're a parent current Arlen. I'm really not thank you essentially being seen. Now common bird got better. No listen I think dog he's logged an all that should be separate I don't think he should be included in divorce I think you should focus on the kids. It's alms and another nice day thank you sir I appreciate you calling this morning soon. What's the kids what has happened to a dead so. Oxygen is considered a bars.