Rolls Royce

M-F 3p-7p

Rolls Royce was born and raised in Wichita! He likes Drake, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Sporting KC. "I’m a soccer nerd."

Radio is something he always wanted to do since he was young. "The opportunity came for me to come to Power 93.5 in early 2008, and as they say… the rest is history!"

  • Shazam Jam of the day: Weekdays at 3:35pm -  Hear the songs that everybody in Wichita wants to know about!
  • Shut It Down Countdown: Weekdays at 4pm - Listen for your chance to call in and be a guest DJ! 
  • Power Party Mix: Weekdays at 5pm - The Hottest jams mixed beat to beat and back to back for one hour!

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