Ace Bretta On The Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, September 1st


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This may. That's Saturday night showcase. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and I I think he's pretty season. The only solution is supporting what you saw its local artist Howard. The only show Titus he's dressed men. Comes straight from audit which is indoor use for probably the years I have been two years now but I'm gonna get the music man is my favorite artist is just goes. No doubt. A coalition to ginger you know console sure Obama about that but I also understand where they're not far enjoyed government as Campbell from traditional Jeanne. I like you remember guys I don't know doubt familiar to her die as a songwriter I'm more I'm more interest. Like about a song as well you know my mom she's she graduated like like crazy never in relation to get a bunch. So it just seemed like my mom drive you know she's she's had this. She goes up like 5060 you know I've received goof around a little bit and I seen moms really so hard and relaxed you went to a man now it's commendable one here. State I don't know. Fifteen and my dad actually have produced so by guards Condon who I was are you know what to expect our annual horse had to go to the web to radio in the right now she does miss service and that's pretty penny that if people I have really blown this so if you really grumpy big thank you measure really wanna thank everybody who really cool with the movement but I have every single week actually got married on beta Max Payne. We should go as far as. Hello are crucial maybe even now. That made it more or today's credit my latest single pretty okay this is on Saturday night show gets. Yeah there's been no glasses job right now. Well you'll probably get my back did you. Happy about the way until it's that he was still say nobody is still without a doubt. Yeah did that well. We didn't go away doing all wet. Your back yachtsman. Okay. Well my. So are. I'm great journalism great game. In your laughter I'm a judge. Molested me on the map and tell me. They never got my score like it is 2 o'clock how late we enjoyed it. I've gotten tackled by a drunk guys and guys it's. About that's about it day. We've got to make candy I did deliver a truly take its own any better. Go to the Congo may help remind you he shot about right now when I was. I noted it. He would tell my strategy did Dave is tired and how you doing about it apparently got going. I know when you tell me now. Well when I was always. New. No these Saturday. It's okay well which could cause local party shot landed on FaceBook and Twitter cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist only what you saw a we point five.