After 7 Live with The Hitman and Carla Tuesday 8-15-17

Tuesday, August 15th

After 7 is performing at the 2017 Grub and Groove Festival at Hartman Arena! Listen as The Hitman and Carla talk with the legendary R&B group about new music, coming to Wichita and their ability to adust to the ever-changing music industry. 

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Every 3.5 to compliment my house to his man and Carlos. After seven on what did you manage Carla this morning Amanda onstage. At the grub and grow faster. Saturday. At garden arena parking lot that I love. I so excited after twenty years you guys got back together if you win back in the studio he got would baby face she got Melvin back in the mix man and you guys Greg that my new album that is unbelievably. Awesome. Doing our thing here we have Christian that's what you know life and we'll look let's. Like I mean it's been twenty years since you released a new album and you have. It's such an incredible run with here at the moment ready or not can't stop what a delight for you guys. Still there and just a tremendous started having heart often have a car and we'll find ourselves back in the world record in far off. What I think it was planned on doing things just got to know organic we kind of came together. And really they see one piece that was probably the most critical piece of lava melted and whether or not human desires. Those things and getting him to England in and so to create themselves that said you can't do without the help. Well let me say it. With a grain like in the world with Dyson scored pinch all of this fiscal problems. Seeing what it felt like me to feel like we were all so well. An email just as good as it was way back in the day and I guess a question that some people may actually went I have is why did you stop twenty years ago and again what it. School. You. They'll want to you didn't think go to. I think that Arabic can avoid wings the music industry that a dramatic turns and we try to gain if and when it was starting her. Where groups. You know work a lot more difficult. The more expensive to put out. Surely he is at its at a point where we were here in the end of that happening he had great. Today it certainly fill in that area industry we're almost certainly would now hold large dog or you know we get out this victory in the end you know that. Intervened in the world window of opportunity in front of us individually and collectively and got back into the studio basically buried barrels then. I mean you stop and think about you know boyz to man you guys and so many others at that time and and you're right the industry is a creature of trends. And especially in music Ed Ed you're absolutely right but. The love that people have for you owe your music your sound has never stopped should all this time it'd have to be so awesome for you guys to combat confined to people were just dying to hear from you again. You know he's been dominated. That's exactly what is this. Yeah I thought that this kind of thoughtful of the fact that people still have such a strong appreciation tour. I think it's safe to say as people miss that real orange be ready that's ever been a Wichita Kansas before. I was. Try to pick up boring until he's muddle huddle. I don't think. How can answer then went to get that yeah don't want to start medlar and hopefully you guys have never been which is WOK that would have been. And what we are made it ends you. They have got it it's going to be. Awesome if you're just Julian and the power battery 3.5 this morning. After she evidence on with guns and they will be on stage August 19 at the ground and groove faster we're so excited about you guys come into what you talk and can't wait you guys do your thing I know the show is going to be a little mix of some of the most often maybe people may not be commitment wish and also the class of two people know when. I don't wanna go oh cool. Sat dissent and on this one in the an accomplished you know got to do right now Carla let's give away at their tickets to the rebel groups that role as doing it outright for have to show I wouldn't call now it's 690 and 93 guys thank you for me to determine your hometown of Atlanta and appreciate you get up early should be on what does this morning we love you guys thank you so much that they aren't they yeah yeah.