Baby Delivery Room Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla - Monday 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

A listener messaged the Hitman and Carla for advice with her ex. They're expecting a baby and she doesn't want him in the delivery room. Here are your calls on the matter....

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Is there anybody that agrees we Carla that the guy should not be in the room going. Sure yeah exactly it bears ice at least you gotta do it started beater but yet and it's. Yeah you got something to be adults what I don't want to be there aren't more wives club act. You're based I'm and it was Obama premiere or an error an hour and here. And I don't debate I would airport's biggest ice it's been way out I'm what do what you got home of the babies were born I bet nobody in order. And where you're ready for me I got up went over there but at the editing here is bad stretch out I understand what you're began in the option in the upper. Six feet there and ball yeah you're. Stone's thank you sir thank you so much and he said he said the right thing he's. One of those guys he's wanna step up our listeners glad to know oh sorry you know how are already doing important but what are you good. And I think it's easy and a liar you would be in the room all the hurt is. I half court set that's right he don't affect and test it for her she can out of works with little and it. I love. Let's keep going on here like American plant based okay yeah fierce LSU did. Are they got involved big part Eric. We didn't show. One thing you know you know senate and that's myself I agree with her way you don't so it's an ugly situation look bad dangerous storm absolutely get that. As far away from her as possible what is. It took until it column come home we have please tell your mom. I think he he can help Powell and neither for her as much as he wants that she doesn't want it and that room when it's time to pop pop that pop out maybe that. Yeah. So stubborn Carla. 869 did not agree it's elementary 3.5.