Bethel Life Center

Monday, November 14th

Bethel Life Center is offering a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone that needs a warm meal and some fun memories.

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One thinks for joining us for and how are Wichita on parent any 3.5 and I got a good break here because let's face it. We did steal lots of cool stuff with yell. Yeah and that's life senator says Stacy get a card in the studio with me and we're talking about the life senators thinks get dinner which is just weeks days away right you believe it's actually it's two weeks from yesterday I can't believe how does that happen it's going so fat right how did we get to November thanks so quickly few. Clearly implies bias and Arlene the election and everything else. It's just I think. Everybody sitting down breaking bread is more important than ever right I I yes Tina just stop being in being in the moment we were talking about that the other day is that. You know lie is like a freight train and he's a sometimes I like your hold onto the back. And sometimes you got to take those moments in just take it in and stop. And enjoy ate at the moment century and it's so true. And you guys at Bethel I senator like as a group as a church as a nonprofit you guys to a lot for the community. In the really to me important times because. Thanksgiving Christmas that's really the kind down an out right and in the summertime wing you know everyone's up vacationing in and you're watching all of these two other time nearly a month due loans are high. And you guys just constantly. You know pick up the slack here like hey we got to LA prayers are here for. So tell me everything about colonel at their community Thanksgiving dinner. Gimme the deet tails how can people help join you called it all right well you know what I think sometimes that. In this life this thing we call life you know we get busy and we sometimes forget the blessings that we have in our life from. We forget what a blessing it is to. First descended onto a bagel Thanksgiving feast prepared by this and that and there's so much then you don't know what to do wit and and and so sometimes in those moments we have to stop and go you know what there's actually people inner city. That they don't have any place to go for Thanksgiving now you know maybe they can be and the elderly and what about that no placed again no. We also kind of a crazy thing we will also hit some construction workers and different people that are Intel now. No in of course they are gonna go back to work on Friday they don't have time travel. And it ended of course those just in our city and community that are struggling and say you know wet guess what I am just trying to probe right. Fit for my family and I can't afford. To spend the money and to use and their assistants I have on a big Thanksgiving dinner and so we just like you know let let's do something on the day at Thanksgiving. Timmy nothing says how thankful I am going to do something on Thanksgiving to give up the day that every race like to. Yeah I have off where can I can do this and I can do that and right because time is precious to us yeah tightest precious. And so I think man what greater way can we say thank you for all the lesson is that we have is to take a limited time at our day. And and just go out and serve our community so yes here we go again you're eleven or if you can believe it year eleven and really don't when yes this is our eleventh year it's crazy. Started out in the park downtown. Real yes any O has just evolved into this. And the bigger numbers we saw I and a couple of years it was it was so so cold we thought. Let's bring amend our military indoors we want him to experience thinks getting like we all do so we have. The BAA traditional meal with everything homemade in Turkey and dressing in gravy and mashed potatoes corn green bean pies. And Barry sizes you name endearment behind right I know I am getting that like you. And then we have a big kids area that the kids can go play have some big man. And then we have football on the big screens. So brilliant meaning Philly Trenton new whipping her yes and that's what we want we want them to feel. Like they're just have a net home experience zoom in out just coming in that were all friends were all community yeah I'll live in the same city. Every one MS and our life we struggled sometimes yeah how bright picture of so that I and they look differently. And they sound differently that struggle is struggle couldn't and so I think it's super important and especially. And this society that we live in that sometimes we can kind of be a little selfish I'd get fat yeah I can it I understand it. But did teach your kids and then to make ourselves stop and go you know wet just for a few hours were gonna get back. And the tying and so is what's on Thanksgiving Day just like we always do it carried AN. We will starts are being at 11 AM and it goes from eleven to 2 PM and this is Abbott collects and yes app that's all I senator. 3777. South Floridian. Which is basically meridian into 35 and we can see you actually from the highway oh yeah yeah I tell everybody knows what the south why yes so I say you know the south why well just look across the street and Greg Edgar that big bill they. Yeah that's where it's gonna take place eleven to TPM. On Thanksgiving Day and we're a super excited about raid open our doors and distant love on people unless on community and here's a great thing we as volunteers we sat down and we eat with them added. It's literally breaking bread I mean it's exactly straight up out of the Bible and hear exactly. We sat down and we don't they tell me your story what's going on your like this is who I am who are yield. And isn't that part of community transformation is getting to know your community. We're not so differently mom you're stressing us out there troubling us we have good good days bad days for any more I'll invest the other break. Let me ask you this so for a lot of people may be there was seeing America pac. So bustle of sinners on south meridian. What is it out of cars to get there right we are super excited about this this is our first year that we're partnering with one spark new. And they are going to help us provide rights. Listen there are cool right how cool is I'm so excited about this. Because we get we understand it will we moved it from downtown. Out south to kind of where we are we knew we were gonna lose a few people. And we kind of had to wade that apple what is it you know we wanted to hear more when you be able to provide endorse him provide more of a home experience with the ball in kids' activities. So we knew we were gonna lose a little bit as I mean are people downright cold exactly winners of the Stanley. And we don't we open up our building we say hey can stay from eleven to two we don't care yeah we Terrell can stay there really aren't exactly relax. But so this you're like it's ever partied with one spark and that number is somebody give it an amber okay it is 316945. 3051. OK you can call that number far reservation and or for our right it's really gonna cut we're gonna coordinate all of that and now I know a lot of people are like oh my goodness what is that number again that you can also go to Debbie Debbie get yet. Dot beat LC. Which atop dot com. So Debbie Debbie Debbie end. Dot BLC. Wichita dot com and now what have all of that information on there and just so that and yet you need a Rite Aid Ortiz say hey I really wanna make sure Indian reservation and listen every station isn't isn't required look at all that it helps us deal is we want to make sure we have a nest suit. Democrat and we want to say we want people to come back for seconds and thirds if they want it. Alex up front it. Thanksgiving is a valid things giving is about it's not about one plate of food it's about two or three beauty if you're like me immediately sleeping current account and a link on the couch for a little. This this kid so well do you have for the kids I. Iowans chatting and watching the ball what you can do right well. And yeah like I said we want to create that experience in this house sometimes parents are. You can't relax your kids are like raining everywhere you I don't know there's just to be setting down what you want him to do and so. We want parents to be able to descend on a relaxed maybe there's a single mom that's gonna count me how about she just wants dieters stayed hot the hi Andrew can't I'm dying and did I know you know yes you do right near Obama. Yeah sometimes you just won a moment of quiet ride 8 eastern literally eat your food and it still tastes like the way exposed to because it's not freezing exactly. Actually. So we have those little kids so why have movies going on we'll have craps for them to do you in just went volunteers there is so that. Appearance it all happens in our big and activities center peers like GM and so it all happens right they're seeing your kids. Are just right over there to the site so let's see how absolutely you can still seem and you feel great about pages send out and visiting. Have been a second piece of pie in your kids are playing Manhattan did Ty name and yeah how we're so excited about that. This is really cool if you're listening and you just catching us. We're talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day fees of going to be about the life center on Thanksgiving Day it starts at 11 PM and the coolest is is in fact you don't have a wake up there it happens maybe you know buses aren't running that day or. You're not sure if your Carl make it guess what. They have arranged transportation but here's a two years so you can arrange to get a reservation that Leno where BA and they can come in skimpy up. Good to beat LC Wichita dot com that's satellite senator's website is so there you think it all the information. About dinner the times there's kids son and also make reservations. I have for your ride of what it out I'm here I see on T. Yes. You know something like this cannot began without volunteer and I am and so I ain't here's what I love about which is talking. Any outrageous that we do what which side has some of the best people I've ever met and I'm always very proud of our community I'm always so proud of our city. And people just rally behind nests and I get I have to tell you this story that we had a got a gal called the other day. Her fiancee he is station that McConnell air force base right now and she is out east somewhere I can't I can't remember that day just out on the East Coast. And she called as a said he no way it Backstreet East Coast we always. And volunteers somewhere on Thanksgiving Day and we really were just looking for a place to volunteer and we know if we can can we heard about which you were dealer and sought on the web site. It so she called us and we were like that. Oh yeah rural how cool was that she's coming here to which you talk to visit her fiance eight. Little deer and they are going to volunteer and I just thought you know wet. That's what it's about me yeah it's about Skinner and so yes we definitely need volunteers. And probably the best way and the end is free to go to our web site OK you can also call about the life centered 316. 5227148. We can answer any questions you can actually sign up to volunteer on our web site. And that morning at 10 AM. At about oh I sinner we're gonna have a big volunteer rally trying to get everybody in their assignments and it's gonna be a little bit of everything listen we're keeping that guest of honor policy. While we are just gonna help them carry their plates and refill their dreams and get them more I and sued answer it takes a lot of volunteers to deep right. That it's got to be to see huge I mean it's a huge organization that did. The work that you guys do you and the love that you put into it makes Bethel lights are really special place. So I count one ST can you sure this just don't what goes on Aaron let's say you're new which topped or perhaps you're just huge church in general and McCain I am what are the times that you as worship can people destruct in a muted sound like what shaken absolutely critical that we would love that. You know wet and we have services Sunday morning at 10 AM I'm. And we also have services on Wednesday night at seven plus settled on a Sunday morning here's Richard gonna find. It's you're gonna walk into our lobby again I'm sorry I'm prejudice we've got the best best people in town at our church. They're just so friendly and so we we don't know a stranger yeah money and hey we're excited to have you jet kids hey let's watching Dion with an incredible incredible kids program. Were they can go down there and half sun. And and snacks and play games and seen and you crash sent its like at the next I wanna go down right it's a whole other. Other world out there that church I laugh and I go oh believe me kids churches and their dance around the music and puppets and skids and so cool. I mean we have an incredible nurse treat. It says we take safety very serious sleep may get this some people coming into town don't know a lot of people I don't know that I wanna leave my kid you don't have to be out if you like kennel worship where it does we have a safe place and saw security controlled environment just had great people back there to leveling your babies and you know what your Hispanic here's gonna come find just a relaxed place where they're gonna have get worst that great sermon that is and are applicable to today ears and eyes opened about people open the Bible there like. I don't even know what is he asking about yeah like what does it mean and listeners can you know a translator they Helio will not I mean I'm reading it's not quite making sense is this is almost a different language right. In saint how in the world as a supply to meet today eight yeah this year in this moment and yeah so. I love that about pastor King and I think that when he brings a word it's so applicable to you walk away. Never when he filling curry aged but here's the second thing I like maybe he's a little challenged yeah hey are right your right. And he can do things a little bit better in my life I need to do rearrange this staff and and so I love that and then on we see nights we have great break out classes on. I pairing teens and women and men's Bible study we're gonna have a marriage class hey cool yeah and then again we have a great youth group I had my son is now in our youth group and fantastic you're always doing something Mandy just Dominican challenge. Unless I win a nice car so hilarious I was right how in the world you get that many kids to cooperate teenagers I'm not restore output. I have a girl isn't fun stuff like that and is just an atmosphere that's geared right today and and in for the kids it we have what's called mission nets are royal Rangers it's basically like kiwanis. Let's look they it's a program where you could earn badges and all that technical step from babysitting to learning a Bible verse to tying and not to building a fire. Paint more skill right knee I had so it again it we wanna make sure that we provide things for the family time mom and dad. The children. But that we also hey it's okay well we welcome single parents with a lot a lot of single moms and attend her church and we love that we can bring an end and we can be their family. Yeah be their family yeah. Yeah I mean this it takes a village right I know that now argument and a single mom up. Not right I mean just since just that good job of being a parent is hard enough little and if you've got the role of mom and dad. That is bright and hot stuff turn exactly exactly when out of town for a week and I about cry right he never really be like to do ever do. And I never add dry heat. Well in an I love that we just want it. A lot of people out there hurting and a lot of people are struggling. Lot of people don't see their value and I don't know that they have a purpose in this world. And we just wanna help them find that when we don't care what your past is everyone of us have a pass to every one of us haven't passed up. Answer waste on a level on people right where their act and we is gonna help them grow grow and guy growing community go in reaching out to their community. Yeah that's that's that's where about are saying is all people matter to god. All of it could you guys do so much for the city in and put in a lot of ways I like attitude that you bring. Fourth we do it because it's never this is enough it's always. We're doing this in one house right what else can we do what else can we find how else we helped great exactly is actually cool way to live your life and it is it's really inspiring. In if you're listening anything I wanna know more about us wanna know more about the church don't know more about how I volunteered. Or perhaps she wanted to know more about you wanna get a bagel to do it that's right I mean and Heidi it's cool it everybody's welcome. It's going to. Happened this Thanksgiving feast on Thanksgiving. Day a lot of times it'll happen like days four days after not a battle I sinner is on the day up. The Thanksgiving feast starts 11 AM and goes to too old. It's at 3777. South meridian you wanna find out more either about volunteering. Maybe wanna catch church service they re just one or attended that Thanksgiving meal. Just gonna beat elm seed Wichita dot com. Eat LC which at time dot com for info. This interview will also be on our website at power 935 dot com if you wanna listen to order get info again. And they've teamed up with once sparks it's going to provide rides. So if you don't trouble way to get there now you deal but she got a call. Or her range so you know they know they are great accommodation so go to bielsa Wichita dot com if you wanna go ahead and arrange that she'll. You hazardous rocket Roland thank you pay. This is such a cool thing and then also will hear from you again because I mean come at you guys about convoy pokey you believe it any more steps to help out the community. I know I know it's is it's never ending and is doesn't stop that but that's a Kenny that's out there is nothing greater there is nothing that keeps you humble. More venture reach out to somebody else his hurting and realize that you know wet when I was struggling I know being missing them honest men I know what going through some really hard life struggles. And I had people their along the way that just. Helped me out gave me a kind word helped with this encouraged me inspired me you are to be who. I really. Wanted to be into had a purpose in life and so we're we're just excited we think of Wichita is a great city it's a really really great community. No greater calling than to get back from big. Coming your finance for the Thanksgiving dinner you can volunteer or just join us to have a great meal and have some fun. With the Bethel lives that are happening Thanksgiving Day you want more information go to BLC which to talk. And you can find all that online. Feels he Wichita dot com thinks your meal yeah thank you so that our guys we got more coming up of course always delisting of power nanny 3.5.