Boy Gwaan on the Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, August 11th


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This news. I disagree I showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's crazy says the only solution is supporting. Slug localized PowerPoint. And. This moron I OK 1119. I've been doing music forbearance eight years now my musical influences loose basically come from the East Coast are are really big and it did says. Ever visited narrows babies are harmless and our locally are always relieve pain Coke I'm a big fan young guy you know and you know there's some more good you know are pressed him on trial right now and was the local kids are seeing I see is definitely don't come out and put it. No he's still not working out as a unit and felt like that's gone away several work because you know this small town you know you gotta gotta work as a pact to make a big impression arms in the air is crazy parent parent happy because my boys are so special look I don't know. You know is working on a few different tracks and he is instead they are so you know I was like yeah how our economy are so he already had the old guard Ramon vs. Aren't I think it was going to say our like that are. Had this good feedback. I'm Shannon were shut out tomorrow's engineers teach a Bruins. Shut down two mommies and it's entirely shut out. Coats and NATO sent a big cliff Lara packs due to inject a new website and tell my team the this expert. As we may have started. Thanks to you don't know what's. They talk about. Though he didn't. Yes I can move to grow grass. In these girls at the hospital charged in that slot that they want to use and stretched out again tried terrorists now are being given. A movie tie. Well which draws local party shot and his. Intro there cortex into 127 to let us what you think of tonight's local artist which.