Boy Gwaan On The Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, September 29th


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This this Saturday night showcase that. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and on ITT is pretty season. The only solution supporting Wichita localized cost power and. So and his boys gore have been doing music for about. Eight years now seriously actually trump takes what are for about the last two years. Physically I was heavily influenced my a lot of good influences from many coastal course Jay-Z and loosen. Nowadays they always have that authentic. But as you know anybody else that's just pushing you to write my uncle my brother just pushes me to stay calm and stay on the stay on it. I was really I was margins. Reports of motivation and getting the local scene a real I don't think it has any use you right now I mean as much as people say yeah. Let's push each other much help each other you can make a post. Look what they're professional gonna help anything single in the air was a good news mom when Justin drama. And tomorrow homeboy on the whole lot of social. Me and him had just finished the song karma player of the year. I love how NASCAR came out deciding not to do another track and did so vs knocked amount. Our web studios. And I are released it on January 1 this year was so sometimes boys want each and among newly single vent their patrons sell so it's. Mr. Martin. Demand studios Paramount need to enterprise center web site going dot com. I. This week band stuff. It's a kangaroo yeah. Rather in these girls and that's on the order against. And stretch their stated outright Terrence Howard being given. I. All these Saturday should be well which draws local party shot landed on FaceBook and Twitter cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist only which cause. We point fine.