Bryce Vine Interview with The Hitman and Carla 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

Listen to Bryce Vine live in the studio to talk about the Back to Campus Party at Wichita State! 

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They manage Carla we're live on FaceBook right now morning everybody came day. And that this handsome guy that's sitting over here with a yes curly hair and has no. Look around my girl who's Yukon Nevada talking about Bryce Harlow yeah. Welcome to Wichita men you you'll have never been there you guys you know I'll never been to Wichita we've been to Kansas City. One time. But never played there so yes feel welcome dude you had. An amazing childhood growing up with your mom being such a famous actress. Suppose. At least the later half of it for sure feel. Why wasn't light PM autonomous celebrity living and LA. What she wasn't a first round she came to LA is struggling actors and we lived in like a basement apartments I was like. Thirteen years old wow struggle for groceries I mean I didn't realize because I was in the company and my mom but I pray they went from that so I remember one day she brought home. The new car she they she showed over the new car that was the first sign and I doubt that like something had changed. Something you change. Well your mom's got we brought you because you're following in her footsteps surprised by an army air with us this morning air power many 3.5 onstage tonight Wichita State University. How did you do it man how did you get in the music everybody. Tries to break in the music course you're my hot bed of the entertainment industry being out Melanie. I just started just. I just figured I'd love demand right around that age too much music had always been a source of positive the end like. Who's in my way if you like I was communicating with PI was an only child growing up so I in my I have older Brothers and sisters to ever today. Talk about stuff with really don't hear an artist talk about stuff was kind of therapeutic for me. Side just like I was like oh wait you mean you could just make your own songs and there's create your own therapy semi yeah I'm down that. This Thomas a guitar when I was thirteen. That's cool let me answer I can never teach myself and get to I don't think I have the self discipline. It doesn't take much discipline that's why that's why musicians are so scattered all the time you know because we like there's like a way that we think about it that other people is don't this is site. It makes more sense to us for you to like a math equation in front of me you don't see anything happen. Do you still like. Which your mom and and and going through that struggle and seeing what she had to go through and then her success do you think that kind of prepared you when you kind of have a better understanding and grasp of the your team an industry in dealing with all things that come with it. Absolutely yeah when you see firsthand and any kind of business you know you see the struggle you realize. What it takes the work ethic I mean my mom. As great as a mom she was like she said she had to work every day you know when they do soap operas like she was on yeah they don't take breaks. You know it's like they're shooting every single day of the week is that there's a new episode coming on every single day while the ship to work and she liked but she never. Sacrifice too she was not him because of that and she was always a mom first. So I but I grew up on set so I like. I understood eggs you quiet on set and I understood. Boom mikes in a way where cameras had to be placing Mike where. X was on the floors where you're supposed to stops and actually I just come out that's what actually help me get music videos down pretty well yeah. Price fry an army air with us is warrior power Matty 3.5 we're live on FaceBook right now if you wanna watch the interview live this morning. I priced to try and drew Barry more it is blown we are. Crazy when you wrote this song man what we can about. I was really just trying to write a song about like a special person without talking about their physical beauty too much is this special person real. It's been real. I'll sing now but Dario for a zone like were you know you you do is you got to show admiration for the good ones and all. Still that quote an opt out of your credit on it. Need to do an emotion I love that. While. The new U well yeah so you know they say sensitive songwriters or whatever. But yeah gutsy I mean you got to really think deeper you're gonna write your own songs and there was used for rent like whenever. Anyone else is doing grab your language you can. Actually is one songs that are two minutes longer do the same thing over and don't tell I wish I thought him the the NRA Bryan. Don't know what's next. What do what you what you look down the road you know and tonight in Wichita and you're gonna get a lot of love you know not in the boy did she do your thing and so what's the what's after the third this song and album movies what's next. Down to be in my early 2019. I'm still writing songs for it though is finishing stuff like out of my stuff I just love. That I know won't put out after that I was trying to right here when I wrote Drew Barrymore so. It I'm just gonna continue doing that but I'm playing north coast to Chicago. It's huge festival and I love Chicago they're like. Pound one of my most listened to cities now besides what you tell us how. You know you go. And then. I'm going on tour would Max Max Snyder thanks in October. And I'm playing next week complained of beer me pre show in New York. Must end. Hands doing things to doing things and good. I'm Brad Miller that I army and a dome on top of my column admitting. Do we wanted to hurt first radio stations in relation to petition on the end I'm absolutely aware of that man thank you yeah zero early believers walk. I love won out finally. People who really love music and you guys must really love music only outlet to listen the same stuff every single day this Saturday usually used out. Always. O brother where we use a Carla it's a singer in our own eyes and as she's done music videos of people who are usually held it oh yeah she's done a lot of us. Yeah I don't love the money in my dad's. Not ask just went my experience with music he's blessings I met him so I met up. I'm mature guy every year whose party your team. Do you feel like since you've. Really really blown up that's so important is having people you trust in a tight circle and just distributing count on what part of your team that crucial yeah yeah. Just as there I mean actors who I am like loyalty is huge to me and I keep the same people around me since I was. Literally a child yeah I've had the same friends and everyone knows that mummy two than those men like it's once you my friend it's very hard to not be anymore yeah let's do some really stupid around. Yeah and even then I. This good. No it is it's like you want people to celebrate with like. Me and my manager in my DJ we get to always like be excited about everything that's happening as we remember when it wasn't that way Brian Brennan are over I remember playing on cardboard boxes and stuff like that and a party that no one cared about who we were there just drink in somebody that's okay. It's. It's it's especially funds has to be at this moment we're very grateful my where we appreciate you man. Coming here to Wichita all the way from Los Angeles to be with the sheer power and having 3.5. The back to campus party Wichita State University tonight. Q is not a moment complex. We love iTunes going to be on stage along with generic plot that she's coming end I hear in just a little bit we'll have earlier this morning. So Bryce I can't say how much I appreciate you and I wanna echoing each about loyalty because that's old school. I'm that guy. You know I I believe in loyalty there and who's there and trust and you surround yourself with good people and I love hearing you say that because also true because. Scarlett as you know we get artists to come in and talked with all the time and I say. Make sure you surround yourself with people that won't writers out there won't be there with you when it's good beer with whoever is bad and or apply did you go to he got out of our camera view always like now I don't have a but it's good to see you with Sears was good to see you man I appreciate you thanks for having me and thanks for being a supporter of serious and millions and lots and what is gonna say guys listening. Bryce vine is so freaking humble like you don't feel like he's like you're in a room with my friends are now you know I mean yeah we are. More horrors could take a cue from mr. We breathe please please 100 price drop and this morning are traditionalist side. Right thanks for bear on air girl who go over to go toe get some sleep rest up a warmest year. Myself. I don't you guys. I know 7 o'clock in the morning is not a time that everybody wants to be closed before the school we love you price minus one empowerment 3.5.