Carmen Call - 11-20-17

Monday, November 20th

Carmen calls a sock store to ask if she can return her used bloody socks. ​


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You know there are just some things he can not reach turn to a store you know do you buying a unit for sanitary reasons not. You can't tell Carmen and he needs firemen and it can't carry anything my eyes and. It. A I mean and if if the Sox aren't. Okay maybe the league matches and fax from U dyeing it to win in the morning to keep my toes the line. And I was doing my new yield in my backyard. And my neighbor's wife got mad because her husband is sitting there and an on jail a couple of what you need. Are telling Don and milk OK I'm not sure employer can't which it appears that. Each okay I'm arms tighter shot. Sure your house and just didn't do well and it's like sought or out there aren't aren't. A I'm hurt I'm sorry are still not sure why you're telling religion. Yeah would you let me talk I'll tell you. I can't tell you I had hurting because I'm talking you're gonna I'm telling you yeah. Yeah I. Am I am here I am I listened. Have you here and give them up and I. Heard. Well he's dialing wand that athletic kid and it's and his wife. Came in handy. Tied to grab on the money outside they're out while wearing it that. Oh okay that. All of that surround the sport all I have again I have no idea why you're telling. And I need to bits and are now and then here I inflict. Or. Does speak are not. About in the body I buddies. That he felt. Anybody. Meant the suit completely I don't know why you're attacking I had customers you're. Let me how many people are flooding the Sox still are right now. And not only. Thought boy man you sound you sound like that truck in Mets are out this is my job. I have a job to do. Did you see. I. Lou. It's.