Carmen Call

Thursday, April 20th

Carmen calls a Home Inspector to inspect her home for evidence of her husband Alejandro Cheating...

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A. I. Mean and you demand and inspect it. Yes I do on inspections. MI had been undone she'd be guns. In bad I'm almost 72 but that Sheila. And I'd eat. Out. And end it. Or lose. Or are they male or hair. And I don't to meet our nightly. I I think you you you misunderstand. I respect Holmes. C. I need you to come and bad mile loan. To make sure that my that they cheated on me. Okay I see. I understand but. I would inspected you're going to buy a home I would go in or go home. I don't. I'm glad that L Holmes OK at the or that there are cheating on him Jett and eight and cheating on. That and I know pool. I I think he called the wrong person I don't really inspect homes. And I. At our. But I don't set it at home and then I. Well isn't so it secure it it is and I'm not detect it. So make sure at all say. You know to be upheld works and that in the wrote it okay. You think actually he's been cheating on. That's now set okay. I checked out the attic and a debate and servicing and OK. I'm sorry I really out. He had spent my attic and my basement oh. I did yell event just to the back until. Okay okay okay. And yes you should also went out. It's. It's.