Carmen Call

Friday, May 19th

Carmen is calling someone out for suckerpunching her man....


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If I mean I'm coming back. Yeah and I guess you don't know me like you sucker punched my oblique and paying back c'mon this weekend there. And there's only one type of Britain and tell at sucker punch and that's a soccer. What would you would you like to call will be I got up. Give me. At the question here OK I got questioned and then not get an opportunity is on if you're gonna happen in the late. A lot larger board and get my. Another question very. She. Didn't. Have a oh. Even widgets can compete to the second. There were already. Not a question. Or problem. Get up and you've got. A bowl and look in on him. I. Think it's got bad it's well. I. I. Can. Sneak and I was reading. I. Oh my god go. About it. Right now. The boy brought an hour. And problems. All. About it. All. These two. We're gonna bring you the a hopeful. To take me opposite chicken. At that you're just and legs and eyes I just had mind like a fraction. Don't added in my. Yeah. It's.