Carmen Call

Tuesday, June 20th

Only Carmen could cause drama over a bicycle...


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I mean and can't please be too. Hi there I'm seanez old roommate and she told me that she gave you my bike without my permission is that you. Because you know you can't leave anything that comes out that girls mouth so I'm sure if she's dying to meet and try to get yet that would chill. Ties got them beat take the attention op and I. Or if you weren't except three to stealing my night. We hope hope that I'm currently. Is god and an OK don't be answering questions with questions okay. When I just I got it back yes I. Now. I'm. Gonna see him it's gonna be. And you yeah. That's. Where. You know it is aware that. Got on an even disconnected copied to the I keep. No pain not in not know how. And I are. You a lot of the no it. All. Off the Stew really. Why coming. To know. I. Don't. Don't turn. Out. Yeah. It's. Assist.