Carmen Call

Thursday, June 29th

Carmen is calling out someone out....again


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If I mean maybe he's a gay man am I'm new receptionist at cross state. And we're investigating the complaints. At a couple of members. Of you purposely dropping weights and granting money we're trying to get engaged on the gym floor. Whoa one. We use here last week this couple got engaged in a gym. Excuse me did you know. That they had I like Jim and there does not and I. Coming back in Erlich I your you know that it. Are known them or. It is neat name dropping. You did the waits while they tried to get aids if you Johnny can't act and the UN that contract to the heart situation. And get better because you're single. You. That's when you're gonna say the one that caught your eye. Well I mean like that part I think you haven't shown any growth well. I am filled your hand. Here the only thing that got there I knew about. I. I I. I want our. Picture right. I want. The manager fresh and all. Right terrible behavior. You are holding. On the world. No you lose. Eight. What is happening there the record it right well. We're getting gig and it was like oh I don't complain that it. Well you know you Clinton really low moment with Google hopes. Not. At. All. It. I mean if you have to be getting engaged at the gym at only leads people to the GM Ted. And I. While. While Obama. It's.