Carmen Call

Wednesday, July 5th

Carmen is having some serious vacation issues...


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If I mean please speak to. It and I'm the new assistant to the assistant manager here and yelled yeah. And I'm going to confine me about honesty changed. You are no longer be able to bring your own Mac to act anymore. You will have to rent one. Oh no I haven't packed it accurate and my daughter and oh Inky. And enough excuse me ma'am it doesn't matter what level of membership you have. It's just going to be up honesty because I just came up with it. At my elder. Excuse me excuse me ma'am. Like come to Europe for business and tell you what honesty that you can. Dell and write your payments. My name is adamant it's not gonna change no matter how many times taxi and what's also not our allies. I also is not gonna change is upon us see. Looking at at saint. And LT public and and like every. Match. The product is not for the entire studio the honesty is just you. I thought I made that clear when you you know what no longer able to bring your own class anymore because you know it's. But you know that you're calling. Give me there is no one above me right now okay usually there is a that's when my boyfriend comes to pick up and we make love in the act of and the bracket bands now better than you yelled at. I. Keep. I. Just it's nice to get just. A our our. And it's easy to feel. The U. It's.