Carmen Call 9-18-17

Monday, September 18th

Carmen calls a woman to reveal to her her dogs DNA make-up!

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It's time for comment at all sported a ballot edited boy I hope what did you dogs can get DNA testing. I don't think so we won't PT the dog had some DNA testing so Carmen is calling the owners of hate on the unusual DNA results. Car looking to doubt this this could go anywhere where car. Anton palette at a 3.5. They can't speak. I. I am I mean I'm calling with with the Indian name. And where the company testing your dog's. And if you'd like I can read them to you know. And this is what your dog PT. Okay Inky is 30% with bits. And the seventeen is an Italian to me. 11%. Apple. When he plays that Shepard well yeah we are. It's horns. They're not a lot. That it heightens. That created a dog. No it's the read about horse. I don't eat at possible it got me late count on their course. I he's he's he's he can't beat. No and I'm I'm on the man I can't tell me immediately if you connect. I don't. Itemize and Saudi if you're at. You never happened for an error. Not a lot as a claims brought our. That. I doc and she'll find something you don't think you're. Pannemon unevenly disconnected yes I'm calling the results and your dog's DNA. No I know I guess you can give me a meager results all of certainly aren't. Yeah. I can bring I thought and I. The what. Do you do what. News. He wasn't.