Carmen Call 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

Carmen's reviewing a resumé of a manicurist and has some questions aka demands for her​.

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It's time for. Coming home and I mean you will you know. I personally wouldn't wanna be the person to do Carmen measures or competitors. She's just to extract him. Dole's long and playing god tells me knows that she's dead. Yeah its car Renaissance Howard added 3.5. Men. I. I'm kind eleven and response. You know vacation for a manicurist position here and I'm I had a few questions if this and it says here that you're manicurist. Have you done to those two. Game and how about lacks the. No I don't really do lack they have not like ten. I do like high end manicured and and it didn't ask. You do high end pedicure. Yeah okay the wouldn't feet beyond Null and if you body neck at the bottom. Arab buy in by any light you can I do you consider the but the bottom. And if you did then when I defeat in that whole night equation on the bottom air about your did not work here but it's also on the backside to. Our group well you know I don't let your the the did you know that dead people confides. Google art yeah I do not know that and if you decide to present art would you be scan technology that's an enemy. We know. Question that our young we have these on my list of questions for the application because yeah I mean American on the human body we should not to think about. Right well I hope I'm not an ordinary dead body you look like a dead body now with some of the women here I hear you all but dead body and none is saying no they're not dead when they walked in here but they may die in the chair we do have a lot of older clients. Okay look at people took out 11 time big neon and unbelievably old woman and I was filing down what I thought was a Bunyan but it is actually her knuckle. She kept saying I have either I get that I that I did that I am I what is sick about Annie I. Yeah. Our own. On wall while heading to court and obviously both surprised and I like do people think these are so nasty there's only been fat and do the acting like wipe your door. If this psychotic don't call me ignorant great. Being.