Carmen Call 9-26-17

Tuesday, September 26th

Carmen calls an unemployed woman to offer her a job as a door to door pots and pans salesperson!

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It's time for a carbon call right now on parliamentary three point. I mean our hand angelic Harmon and she's really entrusted and that's salon services and said there's globe miscommunication. And all the next door to door it's a lesson had. So soliciting. Solicitation awesome. Okay. So I mean I'm so so list. Audi music wrangling yeah Scarlett. Is headed our power about a 3.5 and. And it. Am. I mean even unclear compete. Our. Urban crime and I could win and I can't hear red meat and I think that you have two years of experience sending Coakley. Ernie and do you comfortable she's just. Yeah aren't aren't comfortable and how far can you want a boy you need a break or a lot. What are you do defending these pots and pans door to deal. Congress. Yeah I don't think that's a credit hour or pro or are or aren't you look and I would say arranged like it could be inside. I. Where I want it added up so beggars can't be just as can't. Or not and a little guy or not you know how they flag. But if you don't get a job that pays you. And I can be able to pay yep and instead of putting out the idea and that thing out I. A block not talk to me that way OK I know I haven't works and I don't double up or you know. Our. I mean with economic planning we did. We weren't. In the end because the court appointed counseling okay. And yeah. I can change. I don't why. Why why. The lab but now mitigating. It. You don't need. I know I'm not ancient. Alison yeah. I. Think. That's a our our I did she. I. Don't. Know. A news. Losing.