Carmen Call Friday 7/21/17

Friday, July 21st

Today Carmen is trolling a poor lady who just bought a dog, by claiming to be apart of the neighbordhood association!

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Time for Carmen call right now lets you manage Harlem power early three point size do you imagine Carmen and being in charge of your neighborhood association. She saw a homeowner about the ladies really is Don and then the ladies just getting more more POR I on those on that never might enjoy that no no no no and. We shift. Our lives should get a solid start Ivins an important side. Yeah. I Barack my name is at a man and I'm the head of the neighborhood association. And it's been brought to my attention and you have purchased at it. We can name your head lamps. Not that I ever own a pickle that I work to get paid well I mean him Donny Donny. My name is guy in Maine and some unfortunate beat. We don't allow peoples in our neighborhood association. An iron in the rules that you have received an apparently not read. I I. I don't know how you got it and I I I did get a shot at it it may. And it doesn't matter how I got the information as long as the information is against our rules. It and and I'm neighbor and eat dinner. I and an amendment declaring I mean. I know I don't read dark humor. About. I don't know how real are you like the column I. Eat. So much have a great. I can't believe we do. I'm the head of the neighborhood association. And I do know jurisdiction means okay and you put it and Jerry Dixon and. Oh. Yeah. T I mean every dog I can I reach. Do you have a missions and get. I don't want Dodd. Not need it well. Anyway it begins I'm not getting ready dot. I think you are. Now but if you don't get ready Donna do some idea boyfriend. Or. Yeah. It's.