Carmen Call Friday 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

Carmen is a little confused. She calls an  aerial  dancer to speak with "Ariel", the dancer. As you can imagine, the call doesn't go too well. 

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Time for carbon caller right now how about a 3.5 low Carmen is calling on an aerial dancer but she's just confusing her with another. Dancer who owes some money and they didn't tell him to answer and. It was touch and Carmen so random it's on Allen added three point science news. Men and I. I. Mean can. I'm good I'm great human haven't run them and they're not about that name he. Now I can claim any minute. But there is no taking aim area and the. An anonymous you're not any OK because I would recognize terrible waste. It's on raspy from her years and say are you seeing it. Right but not inherit certain Tehran that America. Yet and I'm looking for head because I'm the assistant to the assistant general manager a big now and she'd get out ahead tab. Which was more than what we owed happened dancing. Pretty. I don't know anyone by that name. We thank you just think you learned and relax and pretending to be handling and I'm. I think you need to go to his daughter and haul budget cigarettes I am on lap and holding its. Fundamentally we are disconnected how wanted to speak to area all. Are you I'm not Arial they named. And I may Arial. Yeah give me money with men and Ayman dances okay and I only cannon and that I do that involve clothes. Okay. And I tell Arial disappeared. And we can't we can't find ten because she owe the money. I can't out there. About. It was. Nina and I just you know about attending he wished he is. A lot. You know she is no I don't know I don't know I don't really. Or did you know every day. No I don't. For its. I don't. Think yeah I didn't. My friends and we he. Yeah. It's. But.