Carmen Call for Friday 8-18-17

Friday, August 18th

Carmen calls a man to confirm a grooming appointment... for his teeny tiny aggressive Dog!​

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Time for Carling column parliamentary three point silence karma calls man to confirm the grooming appointment. For his dogs dressed in a seven pound dog hall while. Send them a Texas based my little York Jack it's pretty small but you know Carmen is extra digits on palette adding 3.5. I. He's got a mean may peace and yet. I am coming with puppy. Confirming a good thing appointments by your puppy Nina. We have a hand and nail clipping as well as a shampoo and deep conditioning. Record at its screening as well. But it says here in my notes that she's extremely aggressive. And I wanted to inform you about and you put out an alert that Don and we will sedate them. Wait a little outside interrupt you that she weighed seven pounds you stuck your finger in her out. You couldn't get hurt by. Give me what does her weight have to do with anything. A kidding disperse it a number that an odd that the late. Yeah I mean there's nothing more vicious than if you especially if you company. Kurt you. Out out out out and there's one element opt provider. Do you have a seven pounds he now she loud laugh OK am I the other in each. Hello. I mean I believe a competitor. I'm not let me. You real quick I am not talking or. Not you're right there right now wanna talk. See. For their particular act and all that out. Shalala. And know what. Are you would not be. I think he's got an income puppy. Instead it is and I spoke to my supervisor we don't have to sedate your dunk however while I will have to time your. Like that could let pig on a stick with a couple of him. All I report. This at all I. You'll. Hit it I need to go on you and. Oh lose. Ten.