Carmen Call, Friday, 8-19-16

Friday, August 19th

Carmen is calling to support a youth whose parents are getting divorced. 

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And I think 3.5 don't wanna play housed they hit man Anchorage daily you know what it is time for carbon called Carmen she's calling to supporting use whose parents are getting worse and she's bring in. Little bit of psychology tonight. And psychology. And Carmen and she's a woman Psycho. It's Carmen. I'm Alan had a 3.5. And. On May nineteenth to Stevie. You can hand the child and family therapist and I have been given you know America and a nine year case. Because your parents aren't going to edible oils. And I know that that task especially total gimme your my my number yanks and I just want to let you know that I'm here to help. And that I know that being between this time. Easier child therapists. Yet amateur out there at its. And I want to discuss to appeal. Get confused exactly yet I bet you're confused because you know you not apparent to be together for and that and that they met each other and met him there wouldn't be secretly flinging their tenth coach in making the backing it's been elections. But I want to know it's not yet filed it's not your thoughts I know it was your mother is an ability to keep a secret from your father. But what I wanna tell you it does that kind here three. You're your meat I don't look I. I'm really I'm OK yeah I think you've got up number here don't show. Lipton. I am just here it's as if I mean one year old knew I had if you'd like you're really into India I would like I know who I need my numbers well. And I would like to crank it up on it but let's say that if hello. Admitted to Stevie Stevie please leave Hewlett dismal seasons Mara let them how are. In. Manhattan. No breed to take it deep Pratt free. And then letting out. Barton. Like he's gotten something else did not and I'd. Be okay. Well. I mean it isn't easy and Nene is not eighty opt out calling LT OK I think I know you mix well. I am living my own life. I am lengthy one. Years old Buick too we like it all UN sounds so much like you haven't until puberty yet. Yeah. We're done what I don't call me back Everett at. It's. Harmon out of the way though today's next big dividends group then hey guess that these things go about today. Exactly your man and Miranda how are not free points by.