Carmen Call Friday 8-25-17

Friday, August 25th

Talk about priorities! Carmen calls a teacher to reschedule her son Arturo's new student/teacher conference to go on a tinder date. 

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Ready for Carmen. Schools concessions so Carmen calls the teacher I don't know but she's to reschedule her son Arturo student teacher conference. The cheesy on this tender date so. It's pretty important she's. Since the early for the Lleyton conference's it meant to Edmonton and the did you have harming call my daughter's future. Yes. This is really mean I'm blaming it on Herman all right okay this is it's comment and it's on. Now having 3.5. Not mean implement them both mom he's going to be enrolled in your class this semester. Our Constantin the new studio and they tell me that I had to meet with you this week on Thursday at 730. Dynamic tender date and our. And my husband will be occupied watching my son. Thought I was gonna saying that I was gonna go to this conference. To get out of the hounds. When I'm afraid of my heart and ASEAN wants you to tell him that we actually did and the conference. And that will that you can't do. Again an important because there actually are eight in how you like oh. He's he's he's. Amid. Aren't. Well. Kind of like a phobia of school every time I come and I go to my ten school of my end up in the principle about the. Our Lamar. I. Usually under the dance and I ended the need need to come there you come down to boot on our on our and I can't. Mindy had different any you and I can double duty you know and we can talk about no no no. I'm Mary. And I. Not. Easy and that's why you have to be. I. Yeah he's yeah. Am I yeah it's because you and I are all in what does he. Pop art and it's the weekend. I love to know you have doubled its there date not. As good. I don't I don't feel at seven already don't matter when something sexy can I won't be wearing much. And Matt. On the news. Yeah. Harmon out of the way so well today is next and dividends through the that you guys have these things go about today. Power 93 point five. Well. I.