Carmen Call for Friday 9-15-17

Friday, September 15th

Chairwoman Carmen calls a woman to inform her that the mini-van in her driveway is a violation of the neighborhood beautification! ​

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Let's start toward carbon call this morning of tower added three more inside you can count on chairwoman carnage and today is all about neighborhood beautification. Though determined it's Carmen and it's art. How about a 3.5. I mean can appease the right there at the park neighborhood improvement association. And chairwoman academy. And I cloning to inform you about an ugly little van with a plastic bumper of bombing off. That's been parked in front of your house every night it's yeah. Yeah. Aren't all that you are kind. Well yeah maybe someone was just living in your driveway you know because it's like they. I. O and chairwoman of the men in the neighborhood improvement association. And the bodies I need to improve the neighborhood we have to get rid of that they. All are. Sorted and raise your voice to be okay yeah I can ace the beautification of the neighborhood okay. Away at the nation about beautification. Her. Chairwoman and then I believe we need to connect. Now I just jumped out and I thought that the blue and it's still in the driveway. You begin admitted it. Would give it doesn't run maybe you guys can just push into the yuck. You aren't turning it might vehicle in the backyard. And act art and like aren't there. You. All you're the and are. It. And and I'm aren't. Yeah. But. Yeah. I. I. News. And losing. Harmon out of the way that a lot of other today's next big dividends group that he guest on this thing that's the dilemma today. Next hour 93 point five. And.