Carmen Call, Friday, 9-2-16

Friday, September 2nd

Carmen"s husband was injured in a basketball game and is calling the guy who caused it for cash! 

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Every 3.5 dollars and isn't it isn't and you know what time minutes each time on karma call this morning and what's corpsman up to Chris and I'm able garments husbands she was there she is injured and has bond game and that she's actually on the guy who caused. Crash in general asking for that can cash does that whether that's exactly Canada's call yourself. Carmen now antimatter. No actually I haven't. I'm afraid to make. That's karma and apparently 3.5. Men. And. He is just a our air. Again on my meaning it's got a man and my husband Neil played basketball with you on Saturday. West a marked. I know Julio I don't. Well I'm not doing too good because as you know who O'Neal injured his knee while yeah while you're guarding him at our. I go you know yeah he said that you found them really hard nebulous unnecessary. Commented yesterday. I am not at issue are the outlook I got there we got hurt by our outlook regarding use. Well he's. If we have it at Yankee that you're Eddie that's why it was a stranger on the same team why he guarded him. OK I don't sign actually I think that that confusion here. I am on a lot of his pain medications filled and I don't know. I don't know if you China's. Pleaded joke or news. And I know it is no Joseph I know I never joke about money about why Julio can't go to elect anymore because the Disney. And sell he's and that I should call you and you should start here at our bill. Because you broke his mean. Broke and needs you bill it's broken. Re cute knee in prayer as you read any say what. You have to. I broker and you broke. It will come at a particularly. And I know not NN NN NN NN and in and in a dongle in the coming because you know that. Are. They did and he can't collect in the bedroom. Which is why am calling them. Scan them and maybe you about because I want you to come home and now look at me. Aren't. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's.